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June 26, 2008

LOTD for June 26

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Acoustic time reversal could allow wireless broadband communications under the sea:
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Concern over whether or not nuclear weapons could go off like “popcorn”:
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There is a big problem with the brain drain in the Pentagon, with the biggest need for systems engineers:

The military has to spend $100 bil or more to repair its equipment that is being worn out by the current conflicts…that money has to come from somewhere and might prevent the increase in size of the military because the Pentagon didn’t plan on the long and expensive war in Iraq:

The Army announced big changes to the Future Combat Systems due to the criticism of the program, with the changes possibly making FCS even more expensive:

The main changes for FCS are to bring the near-term technology to the field as early as possible and to push back the long-term projects not as applicable to major battles are more applicable to current conflicts:

A forum member posted a comprehensive manual on how to make long-range missiles. Having this 118 MB manual on all of the militant Islamic forums is scary:
Article link

Report states that climate change could have made flooding as big a risk to the UK as terrorism is:
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The Department of Energy announced $1.3 bil in funding for clean coal technology:

Report states that major progress in technology is needed if the US is going to be able to affordably produce 25% of its electricity and motor vehicle fuel from renewable resources:

The first offshore wind farm in the US is being built off the coast of Delaware:

UC-Riverside physicists accidentally discovered how to control electron spin:
Article link

University of Illinois researchers say that they are close to being able to make an invisibility cloak:
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France’s President is proposing a ban on ads on state-owned public TV. Instead of allowing ads on TV, he prefers to tax ISPs, telecom operators, and commercial TV providers:

Clearwire is looking for partners to help it build its 16e networks in Europe:

Chrysler has an interesting option for their 2009 cars: you can turn them into wireless hot spots!

Concern has been raised about people surfing the web while driving:

Article link

Beijing is going to have a city-wide WiFi that will give free access during the Olympics:

Alltel is offering a nationwide Boingo-powered WiFi service, plus $70 per month for unlimited EVDO/WiFi access:

Man in wheelchair was charged with drunken driving:

Yoga class takes place on both sides of the border in Tijuana and San Diego:


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