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June 28, 2008

LOTD for June 28

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Amazing that this dog was unhurt when a tornado picked him up!

Only 6% of men now wear ties to go to work, and the number drops each year:

Mother checks on why her 7-month-old daughter is crying at 1am…and finds a King Snake wrapped around the baby’s leg!

To prepare for the long period of darkness, this research base in Antarctica sure stocked up on condoms!

It is sad how Naples has had no garbage collection for months! The mafia apparently made a ton from garbage collection and the politicians who are supposed to be fixing the problem are under investigation for taking bribes:

Four of the five most conservative Supreme Court judges over the past 70 years are currently on the Supreme Court:

New study found that red wine is even more effective against aging than was previously thought:

Parents who push their overweight kids to diet actually end up tripling their kid’s chances to be overweight 5 years later. A better course of action is to help their kids eat more healthily and to exercise:

Research found that people who bottled up their feelings about 9/11 actually are feeling better off now than people who talked with others about their feelings due to 9/11:

Toyota has developed a new fuel cell car that will be available in Japan this year…but will not come to the US for awhile. This is a hybrid between hydrogen and electricity:


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