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June 30, 2008

LOTD for June 30

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As of June 21, the new rules makes it easier for people to board planes in the US without an ID. You no longer need a whole-body pat-down and a full luggage check…now, you fill out a form and they check you out with the public databases to verify your ID. Including an interview with a behavior-detection officer, the process is supposed to take just 6 minutes!

This airless tire invention could literally be a life saver for our troops:

Could Obama keep Defense Secretary Gates if he’s elected President?

It is sad to read about how poorly run our search for Bin Laden has been. The special forces have been waiting for more than 6 months for permission from Washington. It is also sad to read about how all of the CIA’s top people are being put on Iraq and many people assigned to Bin Laden are recent trainees! The Iraq war has most of the CIA officers with field experience in the Islamic world, so the CIA resources apparently “didn’t have much to choose from” for Bin Laden:

Scooter with a fancy air gun is going to be used by our Army in other countries:

Nice explanation of the new GI Bill. My Dad was able to afford to go to college due to the GI Bill, but these benefits seem like a big upgrade over the original GI Bill:

The Taliban is once again forcing cellular networks to be shut off at night in parts of Afghanistan:

Today is the Federal Agency deadline for IP V6:

Spanish researchers have developed an acoustic cloak using metamaterials that will silence unwanted sounds. Ships might use this to avoid detection, but there are tons of commercial applications possible:

The US and European Union are about to complete an agreement tol share their private data of their citizens with each other:

Rumor is that Best Buy and Radio Shack will also sell the 3G iPhone:

Amazing that iPhone users in Canada will have to sign THREE-YEAR contracts and will NOT be able to get unlimited data plans:
Article link

iPhone users in Canada are upset and they are petitioning Steve Jobs about this:

Amazing that 56% of people in the US who plan to buy a smartphone in the next 90 days plan to buy a 3G iPhone! This is also probably why the smartphone market has increased by 50% since the last study:

Sprint’s stock shot upwards after Verizon’s President praised Sprint:

The first commercial 16e network in the US is running at Jackson Hole, Wyoming:

The 12-17 year old market in the US appears to be saturated, which will slow the growth for the US cellular market:
Press Release

The hands-free cell phone law has been great for the sellers of bluetooth and other devices. I know that when we drove from Vegas to San Diego were constantly reminded about the change on July 1!

AT&T is moving its headquarters from San Antonio to Dallas…adding another huge telecom presence to the DFW area:

Chips from Qualcomm and Intel are directly competing for high-end smartphone and ultralight computer market:

Looks like they are going to start enforcing the size limits on carry-ons. The airlines say that this is because of crowded overhead bins, but I think that it is no coincidence that they are doing this now that they charge for the first bag! Every carry-on bag that has to be checked in means more money for the airlines:

Microsoft stopped selling Windows XP. Customers now have to buy Vista to legally “downgrade” to XP:

This man put up his life for auction on eBay (all of his belongings, a trial for his job, and his friendships) after getting a divorce and the winning bidder paid just under $400k:

Nintendo Wii sales are going so well that Nintendo decided to not bother with adding DVD playing capabilities to the Wii, despite talking about it since its launch in November 2006:


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