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July 1, 2008

LOTD for July 1

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The world’s first high temperature nuclear power plant will be the safest ever designed and built. The biggest problem for today’s nuclear power plants is how to cool them efficiently, but the high temperature reactor significantly reduces this problem:

Some Senators dispute how Customs has decided they can search anyone’s laptop/digital camera/handheld device when they cross the border, without needing a reason for the search:

Both Obama and McCain want to close Gitmo and it appears that this General is the only one who is stepping up with a plan for how to do so:

Article about whether or not Israel is bluffing about bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities:

Amazing that Canadian troops marched in a Gay Pride parade in Toronto and that they set up a booth in a gay village for their recruitment drive:

Sony Ericsson is struggling so badly that they are being compared to Motorola!

Pretty cool electric car (see the photo!) being built in Carlsbad–they will start selling cars next year and are taking deposits now. They will have an electric car (120 miles between charges) for sale for $30k and a hybrid car that gets *300* miles per gallon! The 3-wheel design has butterfly doors:

Another electric car maker will be mass-producing their cars in San Carlos:

It is sad that about half of the 63-and-older consumers surveyed think that recycling is a waste of time:

It is really sad that only 4% of Americans surveyed have changed to compact fluorescent light bulbs! We changed our bulbs over a long time ago…Costco had a great deal and took off the rebate from the price, so it didn’t cost much to do that:

Burger King is introducing healthier kid’s meals (Apple Fries!) with green packaging:

This hairspray being introduced to the market is so organic that you can drink it!

eBay has to pay a HUGE fine (over $60 mil) for not properly stopping fake luxury goods (the lawsuit was from Louis Vitton) from being sold on their site:

Web 2.0 social networking sites (MySpace, Facebook, YouTube) are extremely popular, but they aren’t making that much money now:

Qualcomm says that 3G handset prices will drop below $100 this year:

CBS and CNET’s websites have now been merged into one entity:

You can get yoga lessons on your cell phone in India:

Starbucks in closing 600 stores in the US, with most of them recently opened stores. 19% of all Starbucks that opened in the last 2 years will now be closed!

The oil found in North Dakota has created a lot of millionaires. They say that a North Dakota is getting a new millionaire every day now!

There are more than 1000 fires going on in California now, mostly in Central and Northern California. We are driving to the Bay Area tomorrow and I wonder if we’ll see any of the fires or if the sky will be obscured with smoke:

Frozen yogurt chain Pinkberry has now come to San Diego:

Looks like a cyclist tried to run a red light in Carmel Valley and was hit by a catering truck:

These analysts have changed their mind and 2 years later have decided that the Wii might not be a fad:


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