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July 2, 2008

LOTD for July 2

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It is possible that the recent food poisoning cases were NOT caused by tomatoes! If that is the case I think that the tomato industry will have a huge complaint towards our government’s handling of the situation!

Another article on the shape-shifting 80-story building being designed for Dubai. Each floor would rotate independently at different speeds (giving everyone a view that changes), with each tower designed to be self-powered! Wind turbines would allow each tower to generate all the electricity it needs as well as provide power for nearby buildings…making the skyscraper a green power plant!

Instead of monitoring our enemies, US spy satellites have been focused on the Iraqi Army…a sign that our military doesn’t trust the Iraqi military to follow US guidance or inform the US about their plans:,0,5769615.story

Article about how Iran captured US spies:

Acronyms are VERY important to the military. They are also critical for NASA funding–I remember when a new program wanted to start at JPL and they put 6 of us in a room for over an hour to figure out the acronym, as a good acronym seemed to significantly improve the chances for funding. This article goes over the odd acronyms used in the latest round of SBIR grants given by the DoD.

This soldier’s blog from Iraq has been shut down because he was a little too outspoken on some topics (probably the posts about his commanding officer got his blog canned):

I guess I’m not a typical cell phone user in the US. This survey found that the most important cell phone features when buying a cell phone are text messaging and a camera (???). Almost nobody cares about battery life and they are instead focused on the camera for their phone?

Interesting variations on iPhone pricing. I cannot believe that a 3G iPhone service plan in Hong Kong is just $24 per month! That is so much less than what AT&T’s customers will be paying…

AT&T is offering the 3G iPhone contract-free for $599. I do not understand why anyone would pay that price instead of signing a contract or getting an iTouch:

This Macworld writer made a FAQ for the 3G iPhone:

Nice analysis of the contrast between the commercials by Apple and AT&T for the 3G iPhone:

Huawei is about to sell its mobile-devices division to a private-equity firm for about $4 bil:

The guy who founded for online job searches is now starting an online obituary site:

The Justice Department will review the Google/Yahoo Ad deal:


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