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July 3, 2008

LOTD for July 3

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NSF signed an agreement with the DoD that will allow researchers to apply for grants to study subjects that are of interest to US national security:

Study found that clean energy investments have increased significantly despite the credit crunch that hit the financial markets:

The top uniformed military leader in the US apparently agrees with Obama’s plan for Iraq and Afghanistan! Obama’s idea of taking troops out of Iraq and sending them to Afghanistan now appears to have backing from US military leaders:

Former Republican congressman currently under investigation by the FBI for corruption while he was in the office is now helping to broker arms deals with Russian and the Ukraine weapons sold to Iraq and Libya:

Tata is about to give a $500 mil contract for equipment for their 16e network:

Article speculating on how Google might be interested in other WiMAX deals around world in addition to their Clearwire investment:

Reports are that Google might be about to help fund WiMAX in France, though Google denied it:

Mozilla claimed a Guiness record for Internet downloads for Firefox 3:

Yahoo has one month left to pacify its shareholders and save its board and management. Part of the strategy is obviously trying to make it seem that Microsoft was NOT serious about buying Yahoo: has been set up to launch 40 programs, which will help out the actors in the case of an actor strike:

Reduced newspaper ad sales led to the LA Times cutting 250 jobs and reducing their printed pages by 15%:

Sony signed a deal with Google to have Google put its movies on the web:

Crime Stoppers will now take text message tips:


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