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July 7, 2008

LOTD for July 7

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Amazing how technology is changing America’s classrooms. This Boston middle schools uses NO TEXTBOOKS…each student is given an Apple laptop to start the day and they turn it in at the end of the day. They use Google Documents for their schoolwork:

The FBI has the lead responsibility for the US intelligence community for surveillance of foreign intelligence and suspected terrorist targets in the US. Unfortunately, flaws in the FBI headquarters prevent classified material from being stored or used there! The FBI’s headquarters cannot handle intelligence and other sensitive information?

Interesting that lots of insurgents and detainees in Afghanistan have criminal records in the US:

Chinese elite police force have been practicing killing drills while riding Segways. They call the Segway “Anti-Terror Assault Vehicles” in China:

The Army blogger who had his blog deleted by the Army recently was promoted. His fiancee blogged about the promotion:

Tufts University researchers received $3.3 mil from DARPA for their ChemBots, which are so soft and squishy that they can squeeze into spaces as tiny as 1 centimeter, then morph back into something 10x larger, and eventually biodegrade:

The Army is looking for a contractor that will monitor the Internet and provide weekly reports:

Last week had a lot of really good news for scientific research in the US!
Article link

Researchers might have found a potential way to vaccinate against the bird flu:
Article Link

Interesting idea: invisibility carpet. Anything swept under it would seem to disappear if this theory is correct:

Hackers are targeting ATM machines, especially since ATMs are increasingly using Windows and being designed to be remotely diagnosed and repaired over the Internet. Apparently PIN numbers are transmitted over the web without being encrypted!

The WiMAX Forum is happy that the 2.6 GHz spectrum is now allowed to be used much more flexibly:;jsessionid=FF55058C520F1973F1235A5905B02012

VoIP is said to be the key for 16e acceptance in Korea…but legal and other issues are preventing 16e VoIP:

Apple says that the 3G iPhone is “uncrackable”…hackers are going to take that as a challenge!

More than 100,000 people have already used Meraki’s free WiFi Network in San Francisco:

iRobot is apparently working on a lawn-mowing Roomba:

It is amazing to me that millions of Americans used dial-up now and never want to get faster Internet access:

Google is getting a lot of criticism (rightly so to me, and I normally am on Google’s side for everything) for how they are handling child care:

NBC and two private equity firms bought The Weather Channel and (plus some related assets) for $3.5 bil:

It is really cool that this Amazon tribe (which didn’t even make contact with the outside world until 1969) is using Google Earth to protect the rain forest:

Microsoft and Icahn both want Yahoo’s Board replaced:

I’m sure that the Bush Administration would NOT appreciate that the tax rebate checks that have been sent out have resulted in a significant increase in subscriptions to Internet porn sites. I’m sure that was *not* the type of spending they were hoping to encourage!

Interesting to read about Fox News and how they are quick to attack those who they feel have criticized them:

I cannot imagine how I’d react if I was this 33-year-old man!

It is amazing to me that so many states keep selling lottery tickets that are supposed to give a shot at the grand prize even well *after* they have already awarded the grand prize!

Lehman downgraded the entertainment industry and the stocks of the 5 major entertainment companies they cover dropped immediately:


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