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July 8, 2008

LOTD for July 8

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European scientists might have accidentally found a genetic cause for SIDS–some cases of SIDS might be solely caused by genetics. If they can figure out a way to screen for it, then those parents could be taught how to be extra careful to keep their kids safe from SIDS:

The CDC is still trying to find the cause of the salmonella outbreak–they still think that it was because of tomatoes, but they aren’t sure:

The final space shuttle flight is set for May 31, 2010:

Very interesting (long and detailed) Q&A between Obama and Military Times:

Looks like there *are* UFOs out there…they are operated by the US military and manufactured by Boeing in El Segundo, CA at a cost of over $1.9 bil:

A year-and-a-half ago the Army officially canceled the Land Warrior program…now the Army is featuring the Land Warrior as part of its modernization plans. Also, Canada is looking to spend $300 mil on 17,000 Land Warrior systems–far more than the US is buying!

Former Republican congressman Weldon lobbied the White House to buy Eastern European arms for Iraq:

Experts do not expect the US to attack Iranian nuclear facilities anytime soon:

Article about how the US dominance of the air space around Iran prevents Israel from bombing Iran:

This armored super suit is on eBay right now with the bidding past $1600…but the seller needs the auction to get to $40k to break even:

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) selected Alcatel-Lucent’s 16e solution:

Rumor is that T-Mobille will launch an Android-based smartphone when they launch 3G on October 1:

Despite its built-in GPS technology, navigation application developers are not developing software for the 3G iPhone:
Article link

Survey found that only 3% of people recycle their cell phones, with 74% of people around the world not even thinking of recycling their phones!
Press release

Obama has much more traffic on the web than McCain right now:

Parents and kids were watching a kid’s rugby match in New Zealand when they got a huge surprise–the public TV broadcast showed hard core porn for 4 minutes instead of the kid’s rugby game!

60% of NBA players within 5 years after they stop playing basketball?

Looks like summer is already over in the UK!


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