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July 9, 2008

LOTD for July 9

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The American Academy of Pediatrics released new guidelines stating that children eight years and older can be given cholesterol drugs after a screening from their pediatrician to help fight heart disease. The weird thing is that the cholesterol drugs have not been tested on children who are 8 and 9 years old…so why are children of that age being recommended to be given the drugs? The side effects for the ages that *have* been tested on include liver failure, rhabdomyloysis (muscle pain that can turn into loss of muscle cells and kidney failure and even death), headaches, nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, rash, and muscle pain. And those side effects are for children 10 and older…8 and 9 year olds have not been tested with the drug!
Article link

Taiwan and Thailand did not have any gender or age discrimination laws from 1993-1999. This study found that during that period, 10% of employment ads for Taiwan and Thailand from US companies contained gender discrimination, which is not bad considering that 30% of the employment ads from European companies contained gender discrimination and amazingly over 50% of the employment ads from Asian companies contained gender discrimination!

The US Department of Energy and Sweden’s Energy Agency signed an agreement to accelerate the commercialization of plug-in hybrid vehicles:

Hyndai is releasing the first hybrid car to be powered by liquid petroleum gas and use advanced Lithium Polymer batteries. It sounds really cool but will only be available in South Korea next year:

Mathematical model predicts natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes will get stronger as the Earth’s temperature rises due to global warming:

HUGE security flaw in the Internet’s Domain Name System is prompting the “largest security update” in web history:

US, UK, German, and Japanese companies are very concerned about data leaks (employees accidentally or purposely giving out company confidential info):

Survey found that 57% of US manufacturing companies are expecting to outsource overseas more R&D and product development work:

This is an interesting transcript of the press conference announcing that the $100 bil Air Force tanker contract will be judged again. Air Force Secretary, Michael Donley, basically said that the Air Force can’t handle big, complicated equipment purchases anymore! So, the Pentagon’s chief weapons buyer, not the Air Force, will handle the tanker competition now. Interesting that the head person for Air Force acquisitions still has her job:

Lockheed gave Northrop a $240 mil subcontract for JTRS development. The development work will be done in San Diego, which is good news for San Diego’s economy:

Intelsat is making good progress with its satellite payload to demonstrate Internet Routing In Space (IRIS) for the US military:

The Navy is getting its first towed array for a surface ship in 25 years;

Interesting reviews of the 3G iPhone. The NY Times gave a positive review, but noted that AT&T only provides 3G service in limited areas…10 states have NO 3G coverage and 16 states have it in 3 cities or less. Also, it has no Bluetooth and cannot be used as a GPS navigation device in cars even though it has a GPS system included in it:

The Wall Street Journal has a nice review of the 3G iPhone. They point out that all 3G phones have short battery life when using 3G service, but only the iPhone doesn’t have replacement batteries. The work-around that this reviewer found was to use WiFi instead or even to turn off the phone when not using it. It is good that call quality is better on the 3G network:

USA Today has another interesting 3G iPhone review. They point out that the backing for the 2G iPhone was metal and the backing for the 3G iPhone is plastic because plastic is better for signal reception:

Digital camera functionality, Bluetooth, and music/FM radio functionality are the top 3 “must-have” features for Americans looking for their next cell phone:
Press release

Google is having trouble selling ads on YouTube:

Maintaining cell phone towers might be the most dangerous job in the US, if you go by the fatality stats (including 5 deaths in 7 days by people working on cell phone towers!):

Three British artists tried to make their art in zero gravity aboard the “vomit comet”. Two got ill and only 1 completed his work:

Does the US owe royalties on the music it played over and over to detainees it wanted to torture?

Father and daughter (in the Atlanta area, but they are of Pakistani descent) argue over her recent arranged marriage…she wanted out of the marriage and her Father killed her:


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