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July 10, 2008

LOTD for July 10

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A nuclear power plant in France had a uranium leak, but French authorities have assured the public that everything is okay. Of course, French authorities have also banned using the water in the area! How safe do things sound when the entire water supply of the area is suspect?,1518,564826,00.html

At least 1,017 people in the US have confirmed salmonella poisoning cases. They used to blame just tomatoes but now they blame jalapeno and serrano peppers. It sounds like something in the salsa served in restaurants is the source for the problems and all those tomatoes thrown away might have been safe!,0,605164.story

Scientists have apparently found a way to predict an earthquake hours before it happens by studying changes in rocks near fault lines. This could be a HUGE saver of lives, especially since the example given mentions something like a 10 hour warning! That would be more than enough time to take make sure everyone is prepared:
Article link

Salmonella can apparently be used to fight infections:
Article link

It appears that the photos that Iran released about their missile tests were actually digitally altered by Iran:

The flow of sensitive US military equipment is increasing…apparently lots of companies/countries are buying equipment from the US and selling it to Iran;

Militants in Iraq are using “flying IEDs” that are rocket-propelled bombs. They target US troops with this even during daylight and videotape it for broadcast on TV!

Former Congressmen Wheldon’s company sold defective tanks to the Iraqi military. They got an amazingly generous cost-plus contract for the tanks (old tanks that Hungary gave them for free since they wanted to get rid of them)…from the guy that the US chose to oversee Iraq’s defense procurement, the guy that has already been accused of corruption based on other contracts awarded in Iraq. This is shameful…didn’t we *want* the Iraq Army to get ready as soon as possible so that our troops would have less of a burden and could start going home (or to Afghanistan)?

The Pentagon’s decision to use cluster bombs with high failure rates for the next 10 years has caused quite a controversy. Many bomblets do not explode on contact and are accidentally triggered by civilians much later:,0,251960.story?track=rss

I was wrong in yesterday’s LOTD: The 3G iPhone *does* have bluetooth for phone calls. It just does not have Bluetooth for stereo headsets. That is a big distinction to make, especially in states like California where its hands-free capability is important:

Looks like the Canadian iPhone provider backed down from their previously announced incredibly high pricing for iPhone service plans. They reduced the price for if users sign up by August but require a 3-year contract. The pricing change was probably forced by Apple–they refused to send any 3G iPhones to Canada after Rogers Wireless announced their pricing plans!

Article about how many developers are rushing to make applications for the 3G iPhone. Interesting that top-tier VC Kleiner Perkins set up a $100 mil fund for iPhone application startups:

Best Buy reports that the Samsung Instinct is seller better than *any* phone it has carried since the RAZR phone came out 2 years ago:

Report states that Clearwire is the biggest broadband wireless access provider in the world:

Amazing that 47% of bars and restaurants in Hawaii were found to serve alcohol to underage drinkers in a test last year! That was significantly higher than the result from 2006:

UK man on vacation in Portugal downloaded 1 episode of a TV show and a few songs…and his cell phone bill was $62,500! His cell phone company insisted that the bill was correct and they said that they would make sure he paid! His lawyer got his bill down to $453…but I wonder how high the lawyer’s bill was?

Rumor is that Lance Bass will be in the next Dancing with the Stars and that the pro dancer he will be paired with will be a man:


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