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July 11, 2008

LOTD for July 11

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The bioterrorism law that was supposed to help track down problems with the food supply in the US has not helped to track down the salmonella outbreak because processors repack food and are NOT required to record anything about the food that they are repacking:

It turns out that they now think the problem is jalapeno peppers and NOT tomatoes! So, all of that worry over tomatoes and all of the crops that farmers had to dump might have been for nothing!

The previous report was wrong and the FBI headquarters *can* handle classified information:

Article about the rumor that Israel was using Iraq airspace to practice for a bombing run on Iran:

Boeing is working on a hybrid helicopter/blimp:
Aviation Week

The US is very concerned about all of the spying being done in this country on China’s behalf:

Interesting to read about how road blocks are used by kids in Chad to get money:

Microsoft pointed out that a lot more Windows Mobile devices were sold than iPhones last quarter…but that was before the 3G iPhone came out:

Google released its first native app for the iPhone and iTouch:

The first device for Verizon’s open network has been released:

It is sad that the vog on the Big Island of Hawaii is really hurting the farmers there. Entire crops of plants and flowers are being wiped out by the pollution!

A second newspaper in Wisconsin is going to web-only and not printing the newspaper anymore:

The noise from cars, planes, and machines is so loud in some cities that birds have to sing louder and change their songs:


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