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July 14, 2008

LOTD for July 14

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Most analysts state that Bin Laden is currently living in one of the remote areas within Pakistan. The new government of Pakistan announced that the US would *not* be allowed to hunt for Bin Laden or any other militants in Pakistan. Instead, the new government in Pakistan is negotiating for peace with the militants on their border with Afghanistan. So, Al Qaeda and the Taliban will have a secure base of operations in Pakistan as they launch attacks on US troops and others in Afghanistan and elsewhere…I do *not* feel good about this development:

9 US soldiers killed and 15 wounded in an attack on a base in Afghanistan. US officials say that the attacks by the militants are getting more complex, intense, and better coordinated than a year ago…I wonder how much worse this would get if those militants have a secure base of operation…like Pakistan has just granted them:

The Taliban apparently used nearly 200 fighters in their attack, 3x the defenders in the US base (45 US, 25 Afghan troops). 20% of the US defenders were killed and about half of the others were injured. Just 4 Afghan troops were injured and apparently none were killed. Apparently some of the locals might have joined in the attack due to a recent US air strike nearby that might have killed around 20 civilians. The insurgents breached the walls of the base, but were driven back by air support. In my opinion we need more troops in Afghanistan and we cannot have bases with so little manpower, because the enemy is now trying direct attacks instead of just roadside bombs:

The spiral development approach for our missile defense program has not seemed to work out too well:

BAE now has a 22-meter long blimp:

Color coordinated technique can be added at minimal cost to solar energy systems to improve their efficiency 50%. This could dramatically reduce the cost of solar power!
Article link

An outdoor rave was held near Moscow and dozens of people at the party were permanently blinded due to “illiteracy on the part of technicians”:
Article link

This commentary pretty convincingly (at least to me) states why Yahoo was correct to reject Microsoft’s 24-hour offer on Saturday:

Intel’s new Centrino 2 platform will start to ship this week and does *not* include WiMAX:

HSPA/LTE-enabled laptops in Europe are expected to grow from 8.4 mil in 2007 to 49 million in 2013:

San Francisco will use wireless sensors to monitor parking meters and inform people where there are available parking spaces:

Apple said that it sold 1 million 3G iPhones in its first weekend…they point out that it took 74 days to sell the 1 million 2G iPhones:

Amazing that it costs just about $100 for Apple to make each 3G iPhone and it is getting about $400 per 3G iPhone. The 2G iPhone cost Apple $170 to make, so prices have really come down!

Hackers claim that they have *already* hacked the 3G iPhone:

It is sad to read about all the problems that people around the world had when trying to get the 3G iPhone over the weekend. I know that the demand was crazy, but I would have waited a few days for the lines and the network to calm down…especially after what happened when the first iPhone had similar problems on the first day it was out:

It looks like Google is working on an Android-based phone:

InBev (parent company of Beck’s beer) just agreed to buy Anheuser-Busch (parent company of Budweiser) for $52 bil:

Microsoft announced at E3 major changes to the xBox 360 coming this Fall, including Mii-like avatars:

This married couple (with kids ages 7 and 3) decided to have sex for 101 straight days. They wrote a book about it and there are discussions in Mom’s forums about other couples joining the “101 club” and doing similar things:

Man in Italy won a $158k judgement because of the discrimination he faced at Italy’s version of the DMV. The DMV found out he was gay from the military, so they made him take his driver’s test again because he was gay. When he passed the test, they only renewed his license for 1 year instead of the typical 10 years:


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