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July 15, 2008

LOTD for July 15

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Disgruntled computer engineer (who made over $149k last year) has taken over San Francisco’s new computer network, denying the administrators and users (such as the police) access to the system. The system has SF’s payroll files, confidential law enforcement documents, etc., and he refused to provide access despite being sent to jail. It is estimated that undoing his denial of service damage will cost San Francisco millions of dollars:

Frito Lay advertised that Sun Chips added solar power to their factory in Modesto…and sales went up 17.6%!

49% of consumers say that company’s environmental record is important in their purchasing decisions, but only 21% say they actually bought something due to a company’s environmental record…and only 7% of consumers could name the product they purchased!

10% of Americans are “never greens” who don’t care about environmental concerns and don’t buy green products:

Interesting (and sad) to read about the “Playstation War” in Africa:

This ad for a UAV that turns into an assault rifle is a great example of a bad attempt at false advertising:

Pretty cool use of biometric technology to make banking secure–a user could have a “panic finger”, where using that finger would alert authorities while appearing that everything was fine with the transaction:

The UK issued sentencing guidelines to judges that can result in a 7-year prison sentence for sending text messages while driving!

Apple reported that 10 million applications were downloaded from their new App store over the weekend:

Reading about the Centrino 2, I’m kind of sad that I could not wait a few months longer to buy a laptop:

Discussion of whether or not people can stop using Microsoft Office:

XBox 360 users can watch Netflix movies through their game system:

Once Google is helping Yahoo with searches Yahoo will start charging more for searches:

Funny story of how a foot patrol officer was fired:

Leno hints that he might be going to ABC after his NBC contract runs out:


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