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July 16, 2008

LOTD for July 16

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Fabric invented that block radiation and protects from biological and chemical agents (thank you to an LOTD reader for the link!)

The US has abandoned the Afghanistan outpost where 9 soldiers were killed by the Taliban:

The 3G iPhone has already been unlocked–this technique uses a special card that attaches to the SIM card:

Application developers are unhappy with the lack of updates for the Android SDK:

It is interesting only that the finalists for the Android application contest have the new version of the SDK…and others found out because a Google employee sent the e-mail about the new SDK to the list of *all entrants* instead of all finalists!

SK Telecom and Sprint are considering an alliance, with SK Telecom apparently giving up on their attempts to buy Sprint:

UC-SD and Univ. of Washington researchers have come up with a free and private service that will track a missing laptop for users:
Article link

Nintendo demonstrated an small add-on to the Wii Remote that makes it much more sensitive. It should be interesting when this comes out, along with the games that will be released to take advantage of it!

Article about how InBev will want to sell off Seaworld as soon as possible but it might be hard to find a US buyer:


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