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July 17, 2008

LOTD for July 17

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DARPA has a $3 billion program to use biology and technology to meld man and machine to transcend the limits of the human body to create superhero-like soldiers:

Army Secretary Pete Green says that Army leadership has fallen behind on advances in communications:

Russia says that their new Su-22 will be superior to the US’s F-22:

Truck stops will start selling tasers:

South Korean researchers are the first to successfully demonstrate a fusion reactor and create plasma. Nuclear fusion is a potentially unlimited source of clean energy:

Millions of Americans are breaking the law by using wireless microphones without a permit. When the frequency changeover happens next year, those wireless microphones will threaten emergency communications and interfere with commercial wireless systems that use the 700 MHz band:

Internet cafes will be monitored via biometrics (thumbprints), live photographs, and name/address records to catch cyber criminals:

WiFi hotspots are projected to grow by 40% around the world, with the retailers providing it changing from a pay business model to a free WiFi network–considering the WiFi network just the cost of doing business instead of something they want to make a profit on. The biggest growth areas for WiFi hotspots are in a variety of European countries:
Article link

Discussion about how WiMAX is doing around the world includes the subscriber stats for the top WiMAX providers around the world:
Article link

Interesting article about how the 3G iPhone will put pressure on Verizon. Are higher subsidies or price wars about to begin?

RIM’s stock rating was cut because the 3G iPhone is seen as a big threat to the Blackberry:

Looks like Verizon’s and RIM’s answer to the 3G iPhone is the touchscreen Blackberry Thunder, which is projected to be released in September. The device will be exclusively on Verizon in the US and Vodafone in Europe:

Aircell will deploy LTE for broadband services on airplanes. American Airlines and Virgin Airlines have already signed up:

Bic makes disposable pens and razors…and now disposable cell phones!


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