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July 18, 2008

LOTD for July 18

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The measles, whooping cough, and polio have returned due to parents who refuse to have their kids vaccinated. As those diseases become more common in the US, the vaccination rate continues to decrease:

Amazing to read about how we spend more per person for health care in the US than ANY other country and the life expectancy in the US is below that of almost every other developed nation (thank you to an LOTD reader for the link!):

It is interesting to see how people’s buying habits have changed and the economic effects are widespread due to the scare over tomatoes. Even though tomatoes are said to be safe again and jalapeno and serrano peppers are under scrutiny, people are still worried about what they purchase and are turning to farmer’s markets:

The NY Times has an interesting annotated version of Al Gore’s speech on the US producing all of its electricity from carbon-free sources within 10 years:

Rolls-Royce sees a big market opportunity in the consumer market for nuclear energy so they created a whole business unit focused on that. They estimate the market at nearly $100 billion per year within 15 years!

A booster vaccine might help with the bird flu:

Interesting to read about what states have the highest rates of e-mail spam. This gives a good indication of what states have people not using security software and what state’s people clink on links or go to dangerous websites. Amazingly, California and New York at *not* in the top 10! Illinois has the highest rate of spam and the #2 state is South Dakota! South Dakota is #2 and North Dakota is not in the top 10! California is at #32 and Hawaii is at #35:

It is absolutely shameful to read about the horrible electric work that Halliburton did (at enormous profit) for our troops in Iraq. 283 electric fires in just 6 months, soldiers electrocuted due to shoddy electric work…our troops were put at risk when they did basic things such as take a shower on a military base:

Two marines have been charged with theft of classified files on potential terrorists. The important thing to note is that they weren’t stealing the data to give it to enemies, they gave the information to task for of law enforcement agencies that is focused on defeating terrorism. It is a big problem when different US agencies that are working against terrorism do not share information with each other:

MRAPs do a great job in protecting our troops from IED blasts, but there is a big problem with how they can roll over:

The Army has accelerated the delivery of key future combat systems (FCS) capabilities to infantry brigade combat teams:

It appears that the US is avoiding a challenge with the Indian Air Force. Four years ago India fighter pilots were superior in a dogfighting contest. The rematch is being held in Nevada…but the Air Force won’t have their top F-22 fighters there…things like an air show in the UK took precedence. This commentary is slanted pretty negative, but is an interesting read…and the comments are pretty interesting also:

There is an amazing amount of discussion of the internet capabilities of smartphones like the iPhone and Blackberry…amazing when you consider that the RAZR and KRZR phones from Motorola apparently are the top two most used phones to surf the web:

Pandora’s success with internet radio on the iPhone is very exciting for the ad community…new iPhone listener for internet radio every 2 seconds since the iPhone launched!

Sony Ericsson’s profit is down an amazing 97%! They responded to the news by saying that they would cut 2000 people from their workforce:
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