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July 21, 2008

LOTD for July 21

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Air Force General accused Boeing of spreading half-truths and lies about Lockheed’s F-35 in order to sell more of Boeing’s F-18. The specific criticism is that Boeing is predicting further cost overruns and delays for the F-35. General Davis does acknowledge that the F-35 has already had a cost overrun of at least 50% and a delay of at least 18 months while the F-18 is on time and on budget:

The 3G iPhone must be selling quite well–inventory in stores is extremely limited:

Apple computer sales are up 38.1% in the US and they are now the #3 computer seller in the US (behind only Dell and HP):

AT&T posted an ad that all iPhone subscribers could access 17,000 WiFi hotspots for free…but pulled the ad and said that it was a mistake:

Yahoo agreed to add Icahn and 2 of his nominees to their board, in return for Icahn not trying to replace the current 8 board members with his nominees:

A conference is going on this week at NASA Ames to plan a future base on a moon:

Netbooks are more popular than many PC makers expected, causing some worry that these cheap and small portable computers will reduce their profit margins:

Nissan, GM, and Ford have promised to reserve 300 hybrid cars per month for New York city, as NY needs to replace its fleet of yellow cabs. Amazing that the estimate is that a hybrid car saves a cab driver $6500 per year. Also amazing that the standard yellow cab (not a hybrid) gets just 14 miles per gallon!

It is simply amazing to read about how Americans have $2.56 trillion in consumer debt, with the average household having $8,565 in credit card debt!

It is amazing that nearly 2/3 of Egyptian men say that they have sexually harassed women, and the majority say that women are to blame for being harassed. It cannot help tourism when 98% of foreign women report being sexually harassed when in Egypt!

Interesting that Sporting News is launching a daily digital sports newspaper, e-mailed to subscribers (it launches with 30,000 subscribers) each day. It will be at least 24 pages long and have no ads to start but will includes ads later:


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