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July 22, 2008

LOTD for July 22

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In addition to the $32 mil that was cut from DARPA in June, it appears that another $100 mil has just been cut from DARPA’s budget. I’m glad that my company isn’t relying on DARPA money right now…DARPA’s current programs really have to worry about their budgets now!

Texas approved a $4.93 bil project for wind power. Texas is already the state that generates the most power via wind and they will pass Germany after this project is completed:
NY Times article

Interesting to read about Republican billionaire Pickens’ plan to reduce the US dependence on foreign oil–he’s strongly in favor of natural gas use for large vehicles. He’s also advocating a big increase in wind power, and he’s put a lot of money behind wind power (his company is spending between $6 and $10 billion on a huge wind farm in Texas):

Pickens also says that Bush’s push for off shore drilling is not the answer to the energy needs of the US. Pretty interesting because Pickens made most of his money on oil, but now he says we need a push for wind power since we can’t get enough oil no matter how many places we drill:

Interesting discussion of whether or not the Internet is bad for science. Since the journals became available online, fewer journals and articles are being cited and generally only the highest-ranking search results are cited:

Interesting how students using “clickers” learn physics better and that women do much better in science classes with “clickers”:

Commercial satellite imagery makes it quite difficult for troop movements and military facilities to be secret anymore:

Robot in the UK prevents illegal immigration in the UK as well as detects chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear materials:

The robot was initially developed by BAE to help British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan:

Jihadists are going to Afghanistan instead of Iraq now. They receive training on how to combat US troops in Pakistan near where Bin Laden is believed to be hiding:

A court tossed out the $550k penalty the FCC gave to CBS for the “wardrobe malfunction” at the Super Bowl halftime show:,0,7762158.story

A LOTD reader saw the article I included yesterday about credit card debt and sent me this interesting analysis of the “average” credit card debt. The $8000 average credit card debt is skewed by the people who owe a ton:

Amazing that 86% of the Chinese surveyed said that they were content with their country’s direction, up from 48% in 2002. The next highest country was Australia, with 61% of Australians content with their country’s direction. 82% of the people in China were satisfied with their national economy, up from 52% in 2002. In the US, only 23% are content with our country’s direction and only 20% are satisfied with our economy. This confidence in China is changing some beliefs–for example, 92% of the Chinese people surveyed in 2002 thought it was important for children to learn English and now just 77% felt that children needed to learn English:


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