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July 23, 2008

LOTD for July 23

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Cheap and simple device could make a huge impact–letting traveler’s know exactly where their bags are, letting parents keep track of kids in busy areas like malls, tracking the elderly, etc. The price should come down as more and more people buy these devices, but the cheaper option is already just $4!
Article link

Article about how 2 million hydrogen fuel cell cars could be used in the US by 2020. Some of the assumptions made are pretty optimistic, but I’m hopeful that our next President will make a push for this and other green technology development:

I’ve donated a lot of blood in the past to the Red Cross and never knew they have had problems with the way they collect and process blood for the past 15 years:
NY Times article

Interesting how a toy maker is being funded by the Army to turn one of their toys into a weapon for US soldiers:

A top Air Force General responded strongly to suggestions that Russia would put bombers in Cuba:

Blackwater is looking to get into the UAV market:

The GAO says that the push for MRAPs may lower performance and raise costs in Iraq:

The DoD wants to have software developed to track ground targets in Iraq and Afghanistan instead of having to have soldiers stare at the UAV images all day:

The first commercial quantum cryptography chip has been developed:

Verizon added 1.5 million customers last quarter, surpassing analyst expectations of 1.2 million customer adds:

AT&T added 1.3 millions customers last quarter, down 8.4% from last year. The 3G iPhone isn’t going to help their profitability because of the heavy subsidies they will be paying–they could be paying $720 million in subsidies! Still, their earning are very healthy even without help from the 3G iPhone, with net income up 30%:

Interesting that Apple is making all iPhone developers sign a confidentiality agreement even if they download the SDK for free:

There are a lot of recent incidents of data security being compromised when people travel to other countries:

Ubuntu’s founder urged the development of a Linux desktop that surpassed what Apple has done:
Article link

Interesting to read about the flubs that both candidates are making and how they are interpreted differently. I think that being followed all day every day will lead to verbal mistakes, but the way that the mistakes are interpreted are based on our preconceived notions about each candidate:

Advisory issued about potential health risks of cell phones. Bluetooth and handsfree devices are recommended and children are recommended not to use cell phones except for emergencies (thanks for the article Ben!):


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