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July 24, 2008

LOTD for July 24

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The Navy just pulled the plug on their next-generation battleship program–they will only buy 2 of those battleships instead of the planned 7 or more. Instead of spending $5 bil on each of the new battleships, they will buy more of the $2 bil current-generation battleships, and use the savings to buy extra battleships and in other budget priorities:

As a parent of 2 girls, I found this article interesting: families who ate at least 5 meals per week together result in teen girls with half of the chance of drinking alcohol or smoking pot or cigarettes. Interestingly, boys apparently aren’t affected by families eating together, the effect is just for girls. The 5 meals per week can be any meal, not just dinner, so that really isn’t a hard standard to meet:

Girls perform just as well as boys on standardized tests in math, contrary to stereotypes by parents and teachers. Interesting that non-Asian boys score above the 99th percentile twice as often as non-Asian girls…but Asian girls score above the 99th percentile more often than Asian boys:

Cow manure is very damaging to the environment when allowed to decompose naturally, but this research found a way to process it to not only process it to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also to generate up to 100 billion kWh of electricity!
Article link

Michigan’s solar car team won its 5th national championship:

Google’s Wikipedia competitor Knol has been released. The biggest change to me is that Google will place ads on the pages and those who write the Knol entries will get some of the revenue from those ads:

I’m so glad that the Qualcomm-Nokia legal battles are over now. They signed a *15-year* licensing agreement for 3G and 4G technologies and Qualcomm can integrate Nokia’s IP into their products and Nokia can now use Qualcomm’s IP without worrying about the legal dispute:;_ylt=AqORbfOlWcJGz_HjLVl2e_wjtBAF

HP and Asus laptops are free for customers who sign a 24 month mobile broadband contract with Orange. I hope that US providers offer the same 3G/4G-enabled laptops in bundles in the near future:

Sprint sold off 3,300 cell phone towers for $670 mil to help pay off some of its $24 bil debt. Sprint will now lease the towers it just sold:

Clearwire’s stock really has dropped a lot lately, though it rebounded after going below $9 per share:

It is not a big shock that use of Philly’s WiFi network is up almost 3x after they made it free:

Interesting study found that a significant portion (5% to 15% of IT jobs available call for open source software skills:

Interesting comparison between the cloud computing offerings by Google and Microsoft:

Looks like the 3 Republicans on the FCC (there are 2 Democratic commissioners who are voting against it) will vote to allow XM and Sirius to merge:

Study found that bank web sites leave their clients vulnerable to identity theft:

If this report is true (warning: National Enquirer is the source!), then John Edwards’ hopes for a VP spot are over:

This is for Lori–Lindsay Lohan had a public spat with her girlfriend. Lori and I follow Lindsay because it was one of her movies (The Parent Trap) that served as a backdrop to what I guess was our first date…though before the movie we had thought we were going to the movie as just friends:


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