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July 25, 2008

LOTD for July 25

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If this Stanford study is correct, our bodies do not just wear out as we age…our genes trigger the aging process. This theory would mean that with periodic gene therapy humans could be like some animals who do not age (tortoises lay eggs at 100 and whales could live more than 400 years, etc.):

It looks like more questionable arms sales to Iraq have been uncovered. ARINC got a sole source deal (with no solicitation released or competitive process taking place despite at least 6 US companies capable of selling the same thing) to sell 22 Russian-made helicopters to Iraq. The lack of competitive process is pretty interesting, especially since the Iraqi military paid $325 mil for the helicopters, which seems to be FAR above their market value:

Cool photo shows what happens when a F-16 strafes a GMC Suburban:
Aviation Week article

Ray gun is designed to beam irritating sounds into the target’s head…unfortunately, in order to get the sound loud enough to be irritating, the gun has to have lethal power. In other words, to get the sound loud enough to be irritating the gun would have to kill you…then the sound won’t matter much! This work was funded by a Phase I SBIR but they didn’t get to Phase II.

3 Air Force officers fell asleep while in possession of nuclear launch codes:

Remember the news yesterday that the Navy would just order two of the $5 bil next-generation battleships? Some Senators are upset with the decision and want to exercise their “oversight”. In an absolutely amazing coincidence, those Senators are in districts that build part of the next-generation battleship:

It looks like BOTH Qualcomm and Nokia are happy with their deal. Nokia got the lower rate they wanted and Qualcomm got a long-term partnership with Nokia and some of Nokia’s patents:

AT&T is asking the FCC to deny the Sprint-Clearwire deal:

Amazing that Southwest Airlines has not lost money in ANY quarter since 1991! But their profitability is largely due to their lower fuel costs due to their hedges…but their hedges are slowly ending and they will have to pay market prices for fuel soon. Last year 90% of their fuel was cheap due to hedges, now that is down to 80%, next year it will be 70%, in 2010 it will be 40%, and in 2011 it will be 20%! Southwest has put a freeze on its growth plans…so I guess they won’t be starting their flights to Hawaii for quite some time:

Looks like the newspaper I subscribe to is for sale. I hope that the buyers cover San Diego news (especially the wireless and biotech business beats):well:

High gas prices are forcing rural school districts (where school buses can travel 100 miles each day) to consider going to a 4-day school week:


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