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July 28, 2008

LOTD for July 28

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The TSA is testing shoe scanning technology at LAX–this would allow travelers to keep their shoes on at the airport:

The Army and ARINC apparently violated a US ban and when through a banned Russian export agency to sell those overpriced helicopters ($325 mil, well above the market value of the helicopters) to the Iraqi army:

Interesting article about how the Afghanistan government protects the opium trade–Afghanistan supplies 90% of the world’s heroin and nobody (including the US) is really trying to stop it:

Former Google employees have created Cuil, which is a search engine competitor to Google:
Infoworld article

Stanford researchers are upset with how the Federal Government wants to trademark SLAC or change the name. I love their suggested FUNDMe acronym!

Santa Clara Utilities is taking over the muni-WiFi network covering their city. So, Santa Clara will have free WiFi with no ads:

Rural wireless providers object to the Sprint-Clearwire merger due to roaming worries. This is in addition to AT&T objection to the merger:

The city of Milledgeville (next to Atlanta) signed a deal to have Clearwire provide muni-WiMAX services:

Amazing how Verizon added 1.5 million customers and had record low churn last quarter despite the iPhone and all of the competition:
Press release

Interesting that Radioshack sells both AT&T and Sprint phones and have lately been recommending Sprint due to cost factors and a feeling that Sprint has a better data network than AT&T. Not too long ago Radioshack was putting down Sprint and favoring AT&T:

Article examining why the 3G iPhone hasn’t been matched by its competitors yet:

Motorola just created this unit last year and now they are splitting the unit into 3 parts (probably to prepare for selling one of more of those parts off):,0,1903090,print.story

Interesting how it appears that China has been caught faking the ages of some of their top athletes to get them to be able to compete in the Olympics:,0,5659114.story

Ad buyers want newspapers to reinvent their business model. Mediaweek predicts that as soon as 2012 newspapers could be web only:

Video showing how a guy modified his canoe to be steered via the Wiimote:

The Chief Executive of Electronic Arts says that they made the wrong call by focusing on the PS3 and Xbox 360 instead of the Wii and says that EA will have a lot of innovative games coming out for the Wii over the next year:

Blackwater is planning to airdrop packs of Xbox 360s, TVs, modems, and the Guitar Hero game to drop to troops in Afghanistan:

Florida was rated the #1 party school while BYU was rated the #1 stone-cold sober school:


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