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July 29, 2008

LOTD for July 29

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San Francisco’s DA actually put 150 usernames and passwords used by San Francisco government agencies in the public record!
Article link

Earlier San Francisco’s mayor met with the rogue IT guy who is in jail to get back the some of the network passwords:
Infoworld article

Prediction that Israel will bomb Iran’s nuclear sites before the next President takes over:

Article about how the standard for intelligence on Iran is much lower than normal for Israel to authorize a bombing campaign because of the danger Iran poses to Israel:

Article about how Iran’s nuclear program and the weak US dollar is the cause of high gas prices:

Looks like the Army wants 6 Russian-made helicopters for Afghanistan and someone is authorizing US contractors to work with a sanctioned Russian exporter to get the helicopters:

Video report about how classified US documents are for sale in Pakistani street markets:

Article about why the US war on terrorism in Pakistan is not going well:,0,2928706,full.story

Air Force General who was the Executive Officer to the former Air Force Chief of Staff has apparently committed suicide:

Article about how the Army wants a World of Warcraft-like MMOG virtual world for training:

PET scans can detect the onset of Alzheimer’s 10 years before symptoms show up, allowing treatment to begin much earlier:

Not a surprising result–people who exercise have reduced effects from Alzheimer’s:

A South Korean cat died of the bird flu, the first time in 12 years where the bird flu was able to infect a cat:

Harvard, Yale, Washington, Arizona State, Georgia Tech, and Oregon are some of the 11 Universities that had the maximum Green Rating of 99:

Sprint lost their early termination fee case and are appealing their $73 mil judgement:

The 3-D Hannah Montana concert on the Disney Channel on Saturday was the highest rated show on TV that night:

Verizon FioS TV is now available in New York…I’m really looking forward to when it is available in San Diego!


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