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July 30, 2008

LOTD for July 30

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The CIA has evidence that Pakistan’s spy agency (ISI) has ties to militants that operate in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The CIA is heavily dependent on ISI for information on militants, but they also know that the militants and ISI have deep ties:

The Air Force is looking for a spray-on laser shield to protect its weapons:

Pretty cool to read about this hybrid plane concept with super gas mileage:

A flying car prototype is being shown off at an Air Show now and they may begin safety testing later this year!

Qwest is now reselling Verizon Wireless service, which should give a spike for Verizon. When Qwest dropped Sprint in May, it was estimated that it cost Sprint 860,000 customers, so Verizon may gain a similar number of customers in the near future. Qwest is contacting their customers to switch them to Verizon phones and calling plans and are giving limited time offers to entice the switchers:
Press Release

The Palm Centro has now reached the 2 million sale mark and Palm has its brightest outlook in awhile:

Mobile computing is now a dominant focus for open source development:

Garmin missed its estimates and delayed the Nuviphone until next year. The increased competition from cell phone navigation (the 3G iPhone has some pretty interesting stuff rumored for GPS Navigation) services and from Tom Tom and other GPS Navigation systems makes this a tough time for Garmin. Their stock is down 60% this year!
Article link

Google competitor Cuil has had some problems during this first week of its service:

The 14.2% drop in tourist visits to Hawaii is called “scary” for Hawaii’s economy:

AOL asked many of its paid bloggers to work for free and many agreed since they have hope that they will get to keep their jobs at reduced pay starting in August:

I always unplug my cell phone charger, both to save electricity and because I don’t want my kids to play with the outlet. It turns out that leaving a cell phone charger plugged in all year uses the equivalent energy of 1 bath or 6 minutes of driving per year:

Interesting editorial about how high gas prices are good for our country:,0,5483268.column

Nintendo’s profit was up 34% last quarter, credited to the surge in sales due to Wii Fit and Mario Kart:
Article link


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