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August 1, 2008

LOTD for August 1

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The Phoenix lander has confirmed that water exists on Mars:

There is a LOT of competition among companies making high-efficiency solar cells:

Amazing that BAE’s next-generation UAV isn’t even flying yet and they plan to deploy it in Afghanistan next year! Considering it takes years for a new manned aircraft to get through testing and training, UAVs sure have a rapid deployment cycle!

Interesting issue that the US and Iraqi government are facing–what to do with the 103,000 “Sons of Iraq” who helped make Iraq safer but who will need to do something else in the near future. Those are armed, lightly trained Sunni men who may not be welcome in the Army because the Army is mostly Shiite and Kurdish…I do not think that it would be good for peace and security if those men lost their jobs and were enticed by the Sunni-dominated insurgents to fight against the government:

Interesting interview with AT&T’s Chair/CEO. I didn’t realize that AT&T got an additional year of exclusivity for the iPhone (going from 2009 to 2010) for agreeing to subsidize the 3G iPhone. So, when current 3G iPhone customer’s 2-year contracts are over, Verizon and others might also have the next-generation iPhone:

Motorola and Nortel used to own a HUGE piece of the base station market. In the second quarter of 2008, there were 67 base station contracts awarded and Motorola and Nortel only got one contract each! Chinese vendors got 61% of the base station contracts, ZTE with 31% and Huawei with 30%! Ericsson and Alcatel each got billion-dollar deals from China Mobile…those were good contract wins!
Article link

Cablevision is going to launch a huge regional WiFi system–their customers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut who subscribe to cable modem access will have FREE WiFi access in the 3 states! It would be awesome if all cable companies did a similar deal of free WiFi with roaming for their cable modem customers:,0,3327246.story

Google is now letting people know how their search results are customized based on factors such as their location, recent searches, web history, etc.:

An online company is selling fake sick notes from “doctors” for $38 for Australians who enjoy “chucking a sickie”…estimates are that sick day fraud costs Australian businesses $10 bil a year in lost productivity. The company also sells sick notes in Europe, the US, and Canada. They even have notes for sale for people to cancel gym contracts due to pregnancy or illness:

Progressive has a new auto insurance program called “MyRate”, where customers put a wireless device in their car that monitors their driving habits. Good drivers will get up to a 40% reduction in insurance payments…aggressive or bad drivers will pay more:
Article link

A small town in Georgia bought a strip club for $1 mil so that they could shut it down:


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