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August 2, 2008

LOTD for August 2

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Photos from a couple of weeks ago suggested that Mars was once a very wet planet, with lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water that could have supported life. This was before the latest news that confirmed water on Mars:

Apparently a US sub leaked radioactive water, possibly for months! And this sub was apparently around Hawaii for at least some of the time it was leaking radiation:

Interesting find that might explain why HIV is so widespread in Africa. Apparently a genetic variation that once protected Africans from a type of malaria now makes them vulnerable to HIV. African-Americans with the genetic variation are 50% more likely to get HIV than African-Americans without the genetic variation, so this genetic effect is observed in the US also:

Internal tobacco industry documents detailed how they manipulated menthol levels to get smokers addicted to their brands of cigarettes:

Americans stash $1.5 trillion overseas to avoid taxes, costing the US government $100 bil in taxes each year:

Swimmer in southern Israel discovered a 2,500-year-old marble talisman that once was attached to a ship to keep evil away. Amazingly, he turned his find over to authorities and apparently isn’t making any money from his find:

San Diego man goes to get the garter from his wife during their wedding reception and instead displays the gun strapped to her thigh! He and his wife are both police officers in San Diego:

People are now getting pedicures from the garra ruffa fish, who apparently like eating the dead skin on feet. I guess the fish are better than using razors:

Newspaper subscriber sued his newspaper after they laid off 70 staff members and cut the size of the paper. He could just cancel his subscription, but he’s trying to get the newspaper’s attention. No lawyer has taken his case apparently:

It is wonderful to read about the HUGE increase in romance among seniors who are single. It would be sad if this did not happen when people are living so much longer now:

Interesting debate in Texas over abstinence-only sex education. Texas spends at least $17 mil per year for abstinence-only sex education, but more of their high school students are having sex than the national average…though to me the difference is small enough that other factors could account for the difference. The biggest thing that I took from this study is how abstinence-only sex education badmouths the effectiveness of condoms and, not surprisingly, teens who go through abstinence-only sex education are less likely to use condoms since they are been taught that they aren’t effective anyway. So, since they are just as or more likely to have sex with abstinence-only sex education, the biggest effect on teens seems to be to teach them not to use contraception:

This $400 mil yacht built for a Russian billionaire apparently has a discotheque, helicopter hanger, and burns 700 gallons of fuel per hour!

Seattle spent $5 mil on its 5 automated public toilets…and they failed miserably and have now been put up on eBay:

Yahoo has a quickly growing Newspaper Consortium–they are up to nearly 800 newspapers already and have generated 100 million visits to partner sites! Amazing that a well-place headline on Yahoo News can result in 27% of the hits (65% of its unique visitors) that the Dallas Morning News’ website gets that day!


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  1. It’s good that the question has finally been answered. However, it’s not all that simple. They’ve also found an oxidizing substance that they say is “detrimental” to us. We’ve got a long way to go before we can actually see a benefit in the red planet.

    Comment by Waverly Fabrics — August 4, 2008 @ 6:31 pm

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