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August 5, 2008

LOTD for August 4

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Remember the $5 billion next-generation battleships that the Navy has decided to just build 2 of? Our government has apparently already spent $13 bil on that next-generation battleship program…and it turns out that the battleship has no missile defense like all of our other battleships! Missiles are one of the best-known threats to battleships and they apparently overlooked that when designing something that cost $5 bil per ship!

The Air Force wants a next-generation 3-D system that is based on holograms that doesn’t need special glasses:

It is pretty neat that current technology is close to being able to do stuff like the Princess Leia holographic video from Star Wars:

The Navy plans to buy 8 of the much cheaper ($1.5 bil instead of $5 bil per ship) current-generation battleships, but they plan on significantly upgrading the equipment onboard to upgrade the capabilities of the ships:

Interesting premise that all of this research into bioterrorism is actually making our country less safe:

Meru has a neat technique to “cloak” WiFi signals to make it impossible for hackers to connect to the network outside of their building, eliminating “parking lot attacks”:

Apple is reportedly planning a “nano” iPhone in time for Christmas, this would be a much lower-cost iPhone:

Israeli parents took their family to Paris and didn’t realize that they left their 3-year-old behind at the airport! They actually didn’t realize that their child was still at the airport until the crew on the airplane told them…40 minutes after the plane had already taken off!


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