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August 5, 2008

LOTD for August 5

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Amazing washing machine may be available to UK consumers soon. It uses just a cup of water and a pinch of detergent and uses 50 times less energy than a conventional washing machine! No dryer is needed since the clothes come out dry! The secret is in the plastic chips that are put in the washing machine, and the chips last about 6 months before wearing out. They expect this washing machine to cost about the same as current washing machines…and if their claims are true this will TOTALLY change the washing machine market. A green solution that saves money (energy, water costs) and time (no need for a dryer) would basically kill the other washing maching/dryer manufacturers:

Toxic chemicals found on Mars may or may not mean that microbes could live on Mars:

Interesting that the military plans to have 30% of the Army be robots by 2020:

Is anybody surprised that FEMA is taking years to fix its IT security problems?

Some extremists are firebombing biomedical researchers who experiment on animals. I understand a lot of types of protests, but I cannot support going to the home of someone and firebombing it to force the scientist and his family (including small children!) to escape from a second story window. The extremist could have killed children because a researcher used mice to study ways to cure blindness…this just makes other animal rights protests look bad:

The Marines could lose their swimming tank program:
Article link

Venezuela just got 24 Russian fighter jets and Chavez of course mentioned the US in his announcement of them:

An LOTD reader pointed out that their was an iPhone before the Apple iPhone:

JetBlue will no longer give free pillows and blankets! If you need a pillow or blanket you have to buy a $7 set from them…they claim this is a “green” decision but it really is just another way to squeeze money from travelers and cut down on airline costs. I didn’t realize that US Air is charging $1 for coffee and tea and $2 for soda or bottled water, given how we cannot bring drinks in our hand-carry and the airport prices are really high, travelers will really end up paying a lot during long flights:

Delta will have WiFi available on all of its flights in the US. It will be $9.95 for flights less than 3 hours and $12.95 for flights longer than 3 hours…this is the type of added fees that I do not mind!
Press release

Milwaukee and the Brewers are dedicating a life-size bronze statue of the “Fonz”:

For Lori: Photo of the Pitt/Jolie twins:,,20216352,00.html

Florida teen who hiccuped for 5 weeks is suing a hiccup-stopping company for using her name and photo in their ads:


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