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August 7, 2008

LOTD for August 6

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The Air Force is looking for new counter-IED jammer technology. The current jammers work well but have the flaw of requiring antennas that stick out significantly–thus, the enemy knows which vehicles are protected from remote IED detonation and which vehicles are *not* protected:

As NASA ends the Space Shuttle program the Air Force is preparing to get its Spaceplane operational. The DoD would have had these types of things earlier but there was apparently an agreement with NASA for them to not make these types of space vehicles while the Shuttle was in service. So, it looks like this is another big step for moving our space program from civilian NASA to the DoD:
Article link

This Green Beret is now teaching at West Point and is currently leading a group of Army cadets to visit with the Dalai Lama and explore Tibet:

Looks like scientist Bruce Ivins was the person who sent those anthrax letters–he did his best to get people to blame Al Qaeda for it but the FBI gathered enough evidence to arrest him. Many are criticizing the FBI’s investigation for being too slow–for example, they figured out that Ivins’ flask was the likely source of the anthrax in 2005 but didn’t get a search warrant until 2007:

This assault ship participated in the Iraq invasion in 2003 but is now being used for a humanitarian mission to Central and South America–instead of carrying marines it is filled with doctors, dentists, and construction workers:

Report that Iran has a robotic soldier:

The CIA apparently has spy balloons. This report used to be classified but has apparently been released to the public now:

Police hit this DC teenager with a taser for 37 seconds and it killed him. Surveillance cameras recorded the whole thing:

WiMAX-based sensors are monitoring volcanoes in Iceland:

Iridium selected Lockheed and Thales to participate in the final procurement phase for its next-generation satellite constellation:

Article about the muni-WiFi market:
Article link

The glut of iPhone software has made prices drop from $9.99 a month ago when the Apple App Store opened to $0.99 now! This is expected to impact the prices of programs and games on other phones such as the Blackberry:

These designers are trying to build a $12 computer based on the Apple II, since that price would make computers more accessible for developing countries:

29 states plus DC are facing budget shortfalls that will probably mean tax increases and/or painful budget cuts. California is on this list but not Hawaii, and Texas is expected to start their budget problems in 2010;

Article about how California’s payroll system depends on outdated COBOL software…and how that might not be a bad thing:

Another article about the California government’s need for COBOL programmers while the number of people who can program in COBOL is decreasing each year. I didn’t realize that large businesses such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo also rely on COBOL! I learned COBOL a long time ago for a project I was doing at JPL, but don’t remember much about it now…though I do not remember it being hard to learn COBOL back then:

Bouncers told women who were overweight to “go home and lose some weight” and that “fat people are bad for business”:

The Canadian guy who beheaded the guy on the bus asked the judge to kill him and has refused to get a lawyer. He moved to Canada from China in 2004:

Lots of tips for improving the performance of Windows XP:

Article about this man who turns 80 on 8/8/08:

MIT people developed this Warcart, which uses a converted shopping cart to track WiFi APs:


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