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August 8, 2008

LOTD for August 8

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Looks like Russia and Georgia are either at war now or are fighting in the lead-up to a war. Georgia has been armed and trained by the US and there are a lot of subplots in this conflict:

The pilots who control UAVs over Iraq are suffering many of the psychological stresses as the soldiers on the battlefield. Part of the problem is that normal fighter pilots do not see what happens when they drop their bombs…but UAV pilots vividly see the damage that their bombs do:

Sen. Feingold is upset with the Homeland Security policy of searching American’s laptops at the border with no reason needed:

Cornell is working on milimeter-sized radios that consume 1000x less power than today’s radios:
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It turns out that the “fakeproof” e-passports that are being recommended for international airports can be cloned in just minutes. This University of Amsterdam researcher was able to put a photo of Bin Laden on a UK passport in a few minutes and have it pass a security check! It cost him just 60 pounds to create 2 fake passport chips, which calls into question the 4 billion pounds the UK plans to spend on identity cards that use the same type of chips:

This airplane that can be driven on the road is going after the light sport aircraft market, and it looks cool enough that it might have a good chance to become the latest “must-have” toy for the rich. It is good that it gets 27.5 mpg while flying and around 35 mpg on the road:

Nissan plans to put its efforts behind electric cars, not hybrid cars. The Nissan Altima hybrid uses an engine from Toyota:

It is pretty sad that 32 monkeys used for research died in a Nevada lab because they set the thermostat incorrectly:

Clearwire lost a LOT more money than last year in the same quarter and says that its merger with Sprint is on track:

One indication of Sprint’s financial problems is how they spent $236 mil on WiMAX in the first quarter and just $100 mil on WiMAX in the second quarter of this year;

I’m not surprised that Verizon is against white-space devices and prefers licensed spectrum…since they own so much spectrum! Unfortunately, the white-space devices so far have had problems during FCC testing:

Interesting to read about how some applications have had problems with Apple’s App Store. One application that Apple pulled was the “I Am Rich” application that costs $999 and has been apparently purchased accidentally by people who were sure that the application was a joke:

The guy who made the “I Am Rich” application is not happy that Apple pulled his program from their App Store:

More problems rumored for Google’s Android platform:

Google seems to acknowledge that they have lost money on their $1 bil investment in AOL:

Not only is Ryan Seacrest in line to take over when Dick Clark retires from his New Year’s Eve special, but Seacrest got his name added to the show’s title:

A Coney Island theme park has an attraction that features waterboarding:

It is sad that the University of Hawaii will not show up in the Princeton Review guidebook to colleges…but I guess this was one way for UH to avoid having a poor ranking in that guidebook:


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