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August 9, 2008

LOTD for August 9

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The Future Combat System will be moving ahead right now except for the radios–they plan to use the JTRS radios, but they aren’t available yet:
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Interesting study that found that the more sex men have the less likely they will have problems having sex as they get older:

This wedding hall rents out an ATM-like machine where guests can use their credit cards to give monetary wedding gifts, great for people who forgot their checkbook:

This 10-year-old girl in Yemen has already been married and divorced. Her father arranged a marriage for her, but she got divorced after having to endure repeated rapes and beatings from her husband:

Interesting that Hawaiian Airlines had the best on-time record for any airlines. Even more interesting to me was that Southwest Flight 2709 (Houston Hobby to San Diego) arrived late 100% of the time, with an average delay of 50 minutes! Why don’t they just change the arrival time for that flight if they are going to have a 100% late record and they normally arrive about an hour late?

For every 10% increase in gas prices, auto fatalities decrease by 2.3%:

Americans were more likely to have tried pot or cocaine than people from any of the other 16 countries surveyed. 42% of Americans have tried pot while just 20% of people in the Netherlands (where pot is legal!) have tried it.,8599,1821697,00.html

It is AMAZING to me to see this contrast. 95% of Democrats in Congress say that man-made pollution is causing Global Warming while just 26% of Republicans think that:

This study found that newborn babies need pain relief–the average baby in intensive care has 16 procedures in a day! One thing I found interesting about this is that the article points out that many of these babies would have died 20 years ago but now medical procedures can save those babies lives…but the pain the babies go through may affect them the rest of their lives:

It is great that so many movies and TV shows are being shot in New Orleans now–that is a great way to help New Orleans recover from Katrina, with an estimated direct impact of $100 mil for that city:

This dog from Queens, NY was lost for 5 years…until a shelter in Georgia scanned his microchip and contacted the family that had thought they would never see him again!


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