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August 11, 2008

LOTD for August 11

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Inexpensive infrared solar cells can collect energy even after the sun sets!
Article link

Giant kites can apparently produce enough electricity to power 100,000 homes!

Russia has been able to bring down Georgia’s news and government sites, so Estonia and Google (via Blogspot) are helping them out:

Georgia wonders why NATO hasn’t stepped in to help them. Pres. Bush was incredibly popular in Georgia until this conflict erupted and the US did nothing:

Russia escalated its conflict with Georgia by pressing into Georgia proper, Pres. Bush criticized Russia much more strongly today:

The Russia-Georgia conflict is an example of a war where former Soviet Union equipment is being used against each other—for example, the Su-25 aircraft twice bombed the Su-25 production facility:
Article link

The US military launched a war that should be popular with just about everybody: a war against Global Warming:

Berkeley scientists demonstrated the first invisibility cloak that works for 3-D objects:

The iPhone App store averaged $1 mil a day in sales during their first month, totaling about $30 mil for the month. I’m interested in how the second month goes, as I’m sure there were a lot of purchases in the first few days…but as the number of iPhone owners continues to grow (each of whom will probably buy some applications at the App store), maybe that sales amount is sustainable:

Article about the controversial “I Am Rich” application sold from the iPhone App store. I didn’t realize that several of the sales of the application were cancelled:

HTC denied the report that their Android phone will be delayed:

US Cell phone shipments were up 5.3% last quarter, which surprised analysts that had predicted the slow economy would reduce cell phone sales. Motorola did better than expected and RIM broke into the double-digit market share level for the first time:

Wow, when you see a table that shows how the major US cellular carriers are doing, you see how Verizon and AT&T are increasing their lead and how Sprint is struggling:

Article about Sprint’s current problems:

A research firm wrote a report analyzing the prospects for China’s TD-SCDMA standard:

Portland might have to use taxpayer money to pay for the removal of the antennas from their shut down WiFi network:

AMD is not releasing a chip for Netbooks…leaving that market open to Intel and others seems unwise to me:
Article link

Intel’s new high-end desktop chip will be called Core i7:
Article link

I normally am on the side of free speech and spreading information…but I think in this case I can agree with the court preventing the MIT students from letting everyone know how to hack Boston’s subway system, especially since the students say that some of their techniques are illegal:

The New York Times is launching a social networking site–this seems like a good way for newspapers to make money, as they have the local subscribers and issues for them to talk about:

I didn’t realize that Jamba Juice was doing so poorly that they were going to start closing stores. Having their top management bail out on them isn’t a good sign:

The housing market woes and problems with the economy have significantly slowed the growth of energy drinks:

The tough economy (especially with how higher gas prices is reducing discretionary income) is also forcing cigarette smokers to switch to “little cigars”:

Prediction that this is the last Olympics where the medal count will be in doubt–China is expected to easily dominate the Olympic medal count after this:

Some of the fireworks during the opening ceremony of the Olympics were faked!,99745

One of my friends apparently had his e-mail account hacked and a bunch of this type of e-mail was sent to people on his contact list. Beware of this scam. The only change between this scam and the one I was e-mailed about today was that my friend was supposedly trapped in Malaysia instead of Nigeria:


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