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August 12, 2008

LOTD for August 12

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Major deal was made in the Senate yesterday regarding the future of the SBIR programs. In order to get the new SBIR bill passed, a compromise was made that allows VC-backed companies to get SBIR grants, especially in the biotech area. This could end the 5-year battle over the future of the SBIR program, but VCs aren’t happy that their biotech companies can get just 18% of the SBIR funds:

It is pretty funny how the hackers were hacked at their DefCon gathering. Was it really a good idea for one of the other hackers to give a presentation on how to remotely turn off other people’s pacemakers?

I cannot believe that about half of the 18-24 year olds in this country have texted while driving! I guess I’m an old fogie about this, as I just see it as being way too dangerous:
Press release

CVS is buying Longs for $2.9 bil:

Russia agreed to a cease-fire with Georgia:

The Russia-Georgia conflict has directly affected operations in Iraq–2,000 Georgian troops left Iraq to get back to their country, leaving checkpoints unmanned. That means that nobody is stopping people from smuggling weapons or bombs across the Iraqi border:

The US and UK embassies are on the target list for Russian hackers:

Article about how four countries will be battling over the Artic. The trade routes and oil rights alone will be worth billions to the country that wins out:

The FBI apologized to the Washington Post and NY Times for illegally obtaining their reporter’s phone records:

The 3G iPhone apparently has a lot of complaints about dropped calls and short battery life:

Rumor is that the 3G iPhone will soon get a VoIP application. Since the iTouch and iPhone most of the same Apps, that could mean that the iTouch could make phone calls soon. I’m sure that they will limit the VoIP flexibility in order to avoid AT&T losing business:

Last week the report was that the HTC Android-based phone was going to be delayed until next year due to problems. Yesterday HTC denied that. Now, a rumor is out that pre-orders of the HTC Android-based phone will be starting on 9/17 and that it will cost just $150. Another link has a video that supposedly shows the HTC Dream phone in operation:

Google has apparently made a lot of their Android developers unhappy…that is a REALLY bad idea for an open-source product:

Ikea will be offering pay-as-you-go cell phone service to its employees and members of its loyalty program:

Fiber optic cable between Hawaii and American Samoa was approved:

I’m seriously thinking that the Civic GX (the one that runs on natural gas) might be the next car I buy…it sounds so green and makes sense financially! It would be great to fill the car up at home!,2933,394341,00.html

The NASA Safety Advisory Panel criticized NASA’s moon ship plans:

The girl who sang during the Olympic opening ceremony was told just 15 minutes before the opening ceremony that China’s organizers had decided to use another girl’s voice instead and that she would just be lip-singing. They carefully arranged things so that the audience didn’t know that she was lip-singing:


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  1. Thanks for the tip! I will have to check this out.

    Comment by Nathan Sabamert — August 12, 2008 @ 11:42 pm

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