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August 13, 2008

LOTD for August 13

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Interesting that global warming will significantly benefit one region of the world–the Middle East will get more rain in places that really do not get much rain now:

Over 33,000 people have signed up for GM’s electric car. The Chevy Volt will have a 40-mile range and will be able to be plugged into a standard electrical outlet:

Russia apparently broke the cease-fire with Georgia and invaded Gori and another strategic city. Bush gave a speech demanding Russia withdraw, and talked about how the US is sending humanitarian aid to Georgia. Georgia’s President seemed to claim this was military aid while the US claimed it was not:

ITT (since they bought EDO) won a CREW 2.1 contract worth up to $1 bil for counter-IED jammers:

The Army plans to have a new JTRS radio by 2011 that its infantry can wear. It will use the SRW waveform and have a longer range than current devices:

The Air Force plans to use the Reaper UAV to keep the peace in Iraq when the US ground troops leave the country:

This UAV weighs just 3 grams!

About how the cyber attacks that Russia did to Georgia exposed a significant flaw in Internet security for 100+ countries. The lack of Internet exchange points is a problem for many countries!

The Air Force suspended its Cyber Command:

The Air Force likes their new laser weapon, and is touting its plausible deniability–we could attack a country and they wouldn’t be able to prove that we actually were responsible for the attack:
Article link

Prediction is that global warming will reduce the number of hurricanes, but the hurricanes that we have will be stronger:

Best Buy will get the 3G iPhone on September 7, giving them a significant bragging point over their retail competitors:

China Unicom will spend $14.6 bil over the next 2 years on equipment for their 3G network. Looks like Qualcomm and ZTE could be the big winners of those contracts:{D31570AA-985F-4441-AED2-A19304AFBFC0}&dist=msr_1

Sprint may drop the price of a wireless modem from $40 to $15…if Verizon matches that price drop, that will significantly affect which phone I buy next!

Google’s *big* increase in market share meant big drops in market share for both MSN and Yahoo–amazingly, Microsoft’s share of the search market is about half of what they had in January last year!

It is good that the “precycling” trend is catching on. I know that my family does several of these things already:

81% of college students say that when considering career choices it is important to work for a green company:

Pizza Hut is making a healthier pizza called “the Natural”:

Safeway’s top marketer talked about trying to grow their Organic Food brand:

Conservative talk radio stations are worried that the FCC’s attempt to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine would require them to give equal time to radio speech and destroy their industry. Even more concerning is that the FCC might try to use the Fairness Doctrine on the Internet. It doesn’t appear that the FCC is doing this now, so this is just worry over what the FCC would do under the next President:

Article about how Google cannot really claim that it is not a content provider when it has knol, YouTube, Blogger, etc.:

Qualcomm says that the 3D GUIs will be the next battlefield between mobile phone designers:

Burger King worker took a bubble bath in a store sink while other employees and a store manager watched. The video posted on MySpace got all of the employees fired:

Man on a Harley dropped a bag of cash on a LA-area freeway–setting off a mad dash by the other drivers to pick up his cash:

Lots of celebrities have signed with Electronic Arts for their Wii Game “Celebrity Sports Showdown”. Fergie, LeAnn Rimes, Avril Lavigne, Keith Urban, Nelly Furtado, Reggie Bush, Paul Pierce, Mia Hamm, Kristi Yamaguchi, and Sugar Ray Leonard are some of the people involved:

Instead of hiring a handyman or plumber to take care of a few things around our home, we plan to hire an active duty soldier–this is a great way to support our troops who need the extra money:


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