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August 14, 2008

LOTD for August 14

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Apparently there is a design flaw in the 3G iPhone, as published tests show that its sensitivity to 3G network signals is well below the level specified in the 3G standard:

Brutal pictures have emerged from the Russia-Georgia conflict. And the people in the field seem to indicate that Russia exaggerated the death levels that they were using to justify their military response:

The Russia-Georgia conflict provided interesting matchups in the field. It sure looks like the anti-tank missiles (allegedly made by the Israelis) were effective against Russian tanks!

Interesting ABC poll of Americans shows what people think about global warming, solar power, nuclear power, and other issues:

University of Cincinnati researchers designed their “solar house” using hot water, not solar cells, to provide electricity. Interesting idea to use hot water-derived energy!
Article link

University of Reading scientists are actually growing rat brain neurons to use for robot control:
Article link

Amazing that at the end of last year there were already 1 million industrial robots in use in factories:

GPS technology is increasingly becoming a useful tool for police:

AT&T’s objection to the Sprint/Clearwire merger states that Sprint/Clearwire told the FCC that they would control 55.5 MHz of spectrum after the merger, but Sprint/Clearwire told investors and the SEC that they would control over 165 MHz of spectrum after the merger!;_ylt=AhhYcMsM5oEgri63y1EFE8sjtBAF

Siemens has left the telecom sector. When I was a professor I had a number of students at Santa Clara who worked for Siemens or got internships there…hard to believe things have changed so much so quickly!

Interesting to see what the wireless companies, computer companies, and retail stores spent on advertising last year:

Google says that they will not sell ads on their homepage. They also feel that mobile search will bring in more revenue than that they now with regular search:

Wi-LAN and RIM signed a patent deal:

The problems with Apple and Amazon’s cloud computing have given a big boost to Microsoft:

Facebook passed MySpace to be the biggest social networking site in the world, with 132 million users!

This 79-year-old man REALLY wants his driver’s license. He’s taken the written test 72 times recently without passing it!

Article on 14-year-old Ali Lohan and how badly she wants fame:

The city of Baltimore is offering free trips to journalists and/or bloggers who will write positive articles on the public transit projects in LA, Portland, Seattle, or Phoenix:,0,2276639.column?track=rss

Who knew that famous chef Julia Childs was a spy for the US during World War II? 24,000 mostly secret names were just released:

This is a sad story about a police officer breaking the jaw of a 16-year-old high school QB when he mistook the high school student for a suspect:


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