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August 15, 2008

LOTD for August 15

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Interesting (especially to those of us in small businesses!) to read about the overhaul of the SBIR program that was passed by the Senate Committee:

Russia apparently used cluster bombs (banned by over 100 countries) in their conflict with Georgia. One journalist was killed by a cluster bomb, another was seriously injured, and a Reuters vehicle was perforated with shrapnel from a cluster bomb, so the evidence is pretty strong:

This Slate journalist found that Russia made it very easy for civilians like him to join Russia in their cyberwar vs. Georgia:

Pretty cool that farmers get paid for using practices that reduce carbon emissions:

Remember that analyst who published a report (mentioned in the LOTD) last week saying that the HTC Android phone had problems and wouldn’t be out until next year? It appears that T-Mobile will have the HTC Android-based phone as early as October! Touch screen *and* full keyboard with a lot of applications available to download could make things interesting for Apple. Unfortunately, the phone will be a T-Mobile exclusive in the US, and T-Mobile is #4 in the US so unless people switch to T-Mobile most won’t be able to get this phone:

Apple now has a market cap higher than Google!

Apple expects to sell 4.5 mil 3G iPhones this quarter:

AT&T and Apple are working to fix the problem with the 3G iPhone’s repeated dropped calls. The Infineon chip is being blamed and if they cannot fix the problem via software they will have to do a recall for the 3G iPhone:;_ylt=ArK2vB.mTyHCNnxtmtOCfkMjtBAF

HSBC is considering dumping their Blackberries for the iPhone. This would be a HUGE win for Apple and would give them Enterprise credibility. However, it will be hard to beat out Blackberry’s position with large businesses:

Interesting that the multimedia capabilities of the iPhone could mean that UK workers who get an iPhone from their companies will have to pay a tax:

Quantas is having a LOT of problems with their planes lately–5 incidents within a month is a lot more than I can remember any airline having!

Very positive article on the Blackberry Bold. It should be available to AT&T customers soon (it was reviewed a month ago and some AT&T customers, probably business customers, already have had it since last month) and should be available on Verizon in September or October according to the rumors:

Palm appears to have accidentally put photos of their new Treo phone on their website. Of course somebody grabbed the images before Palm could remove the photos:

The FCC completed testing of the white-spaces devices:

This woman is selling evidence of her husband’s adultery on eBay. She will also be putting his Harley up for auction with a starting bid of 99 cents!

UK man has been banned from visiting his girlfriend’s apartment because they were too noisy:


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