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August 16, 2008

LOTD for August 16

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NBC says that it cannot remove the “LIVE” graphic from its Olympic coverage in time zones (Pacific, Mountain, Hawaii) that it is not actually broadcast live:

The City of Milwaukee gave this guy a $50 ticket for not having a license plate on a van in his driveway, but the van was unlicensed because it was broken and he couldn’t gave a license plate until it could run and pass an emissions test. After repeated tickets for the problem and late fees, the city said he owed $2600 so they seized his home!

Study says that Oprah’s endorsement of Obama gave him a boost of slightly more than 1 million votes during the primaries:

Celebrity chef Antony Thompson recommended henbane for salads…only to have to apologize later because it turns out that henbane is poisonous

Florida man called 911 *twice* after Subway forgot to put the sauce on his spicy Italian sandwich. His second 911 call was to complain that the police weren’t arriving fast enough to tell Subway to make his sandwich to his specifications, and after refusing to calm down when the police showed up he was arrested for making false 911 calls:

12-year-old girl fell 14 stories down a chimney…and survived with only minor injuries!

Golden retriever adopts 3 tiger cubs at a Kansas zoo. Cute photo!

Texas high school student was suspended (2 days!) for answering a phone call from his Dad in Iraq. I *cannot* believe that the school will not remove the black mark from this student’s record!

Researchers discovered that the Titanic might not have sunk if the builders had not used faulty materials (low quality rivets):

85-year-old blind World War II vet made a hole-in-one!

This Lonely Planet travel guide author created quite a controversy when he made certain comments in interviews, but he tried to clarify things in this interview:


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