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August 17, 2008

LOTD for August 17

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There was another gruesome detail released during the trial of the man who beheaded the other man on a Canadian bus…he actually was seen eating some of the body parts of the guy that he was cutting up!

It is sad that after 42 years of helping strangers on San Diego freeways, high gas prices have forced the “San Diego Highwayman” to cut back to 2-3 days per week:,0,1806510,full.story

More than 1,300 Catholic schools have closed in our country since 1990. Part of the problem is the decreasing numbers of priests, nuns, and brothers (who all work for little or no pay), which forces the schools to hire outsiders at teacher’s salaries that result in painful tuition increases. I know that I attended a week-long Jesuit retreat while I was at SCU and there were significant problems for the church due to the declining numbers of Jesuits:

Interesting how some conservative sportsmen’s groups have joined the fight against global warming. I didn’t realize that the Wildlife Management Institute published a report that said that by the end of this century global warming could wipe out all of the elk and deer in the West, trout from Appalachian streams, and most of the nation’s waterfowl:

It is amazing to read about the rapid increase in text messaging use–and even more interesting to me that the use of text messaging by the 45-54 age group has been growing faster (130 percent) than the 13-17 age group (41 percent) for each of the past 2 years:

I didn’t realize that 53% of Americans think that they are in the middle class. 40% of people with incomes below $20k and 1/3 of people with incomes above $150k consider themselves in the middle class:

Interesting study on why alligators never get sick found that alligator blood destroyed all 23 types of bacteria that they were exposed to while human blood destroyed just 8 types of bacteria. The proteins in alligator blood appear to be the key, so researchers are studying them to see if it could benefit humans:


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  1. Re: the salary question, I agree completely never to answer the question with a number directly. ,

    Comment by Roy60 — October 22, 2009 @ 1:45 pm

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