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August 18, 2008

LOTD for August 18

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This reporter in Georgia was shot in the arm…and continued with her report on the Russia-Georgia conflict! That is an amazingly tough lady!

Recommendation is for the NRO to be eliminated!

Looks like the US has 190,000 contractors in Iraq…we have about the same number of contractors as troops in Iraq!

Since we are running short on UAVs, we might actually used “manned UAVs” in Afghanistan:

Pakistan’s President Musharraf resigned today:

Drug smugglers have apparently been using a lot of mini-submarines to smuggle things into the US…and the worry is that terrorists might start to use them also since they are so hard to detect:

UC-Irvine scientists got $4 mil from the Army to study “synthetic telepathy”…in other words, someone would think of something and a computer’s speech-recognition system would translate the brain waves and do what was suggested:

Japan uses about 7600 tons of uranium each year for their nuclear power plants. They are talking about getting 195 million tons of uranium from genetically engineered seaweed and from sea water:

Interesting article on Dr. Roubini, who predicted year ago much of what has happened to the US economy:

The FCC just gave their approval for the HTC Dream Android-based phone:

Nice summary article about the techniques for handling MIMO requirements for platforms that are shrinking in size:

Pretty funny that there was a 10-story-high Microsoft XP “Blue Screen of Death” displayed during the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics. The XP error message was displayed for *2 hours* during the televised ceremony:


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