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August 19, 2008

LOTD for August 19

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It is even more shameful now to me that Federal inspectors blamed tomatoes for the salmonella outbreak…since we already had known about the salmonella-infected peppers coming from Mexico! Given that information, shouldn’t they have looked into peppers earlier instead of ruining the tomato industry? If 10% of the peppers and chiles from Mexico tested positive for a year for salmonella, I’d say that is a high-risk food category!

We are creating a new National Research Lab: the National Center for Research in Advanced Information and Digital Technologies:

Iran is working on the capability to launch satellites into space:

The Pentagon says that we will send between 12k and 15k more troops to Afghanistan, possibly by the end of this year!

One major reason why we will send the additional troops now (which will probably require a troop reduction in Iraq) when the Pentagon said that we couldn’t do so earlier when both Obama and McCain were calling for an introduction: the situation is getting more and more difficult there. 10 French soldiers were killed in a “complex” ambush by the Taliban and a squad of suicide bombers targeted a US base today:

Russia is upset that Israel armed and trained Georgia’s army. Interesting that Georgia’s Defense Minister is a former Israeli who is fluent in Hebrew:

Livermore researchers are developing a machine that can simultaneously detect explosive, biological, and chemical agents:

Scientists have found a way to create blood from stem cells–they might actually be able to use stem cells to generate an endless supply of O- blood, the rare blood type that can be used for anyone! Right now there are no stem cell lines that are O-, but they can create versatile type O blood:

Boeing got a $36 mil contract to continue their development of a truck-mounted laser weapon system that will destroy things like artillery:

Is the terrorist-sponsoring group Hezbollah using submarines to transport drugs to Central and South America?

Rocket scientists say that even our most theoretical of technologies will not be adequate for humans to reach the nearest star outside of our Solar System:

Interesting rant on the way that the US went after the anthrax incidents in 2001:

The University of Kansas and Sprint are studying millimeter wave wireless systems:

The Mayor of a city in the Australian Outback got into trouble when he talked about how they needed ugly women to move to their area:

This man appears to have gotten a NINE FOOT tapeworm due to eating an undercooked salmon!

A stillborn baby (delivered at 23 weeks due to internal bleeding by the mother) in Israel was pronounced dead and placed in a hospital refrigerator…and several hours later she started moving around! The low temperature in the refrigerator apparently slowed her metabolism down and helped her survive. The baby weighed just 1.3 pounds!


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