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August 20, 2008

LOTD for August 20

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DoE scientists set a solar cell efficiency world record by converting 40.8% of light hitting the device into electricity:

Article link

Oklahoma inventor says that by using our existing offshore oil and gas platforms we could cheaply harness wave power for electricity and hydrogen. Many of those platforms are being retired since the gas/oil there is depleted, so they could be hydrogen generators and use the already-existing pipelines connected to them to transport the energy:

The military is apparently 2-3 years away from making an invisibility cloak (via metamaterials) that will also deflect radar signals:

Interesting 400-page declassified document about Bin Laden. Very interesting tidbit that the Clinton Administration thought that its 1998 missile strikes would convince the Taliban to give up Bin Laden but instead it drove the Taliban and Bin Laden closer together:

Interesting to read about how Russia’s planes were shot down by Georgia due to mistakes Russia made:
Article link

WALL-E Look-a-Like won the British robot Grand Challenge:

Apple released a fix for the 3G iPhone that is supposed to help with its dropped call problem:;_ylt=AoauKd6392WHPZGI5jKKNV4jtBAF

Cox Communications (the cable company) is looking to use the 700 MHz spectrum it won in the recent auction to offer a wireless service that integrates all of its offerings into one device. Cox spent $304 mil for 22 licenses in the 700 MHz spectrum, so they clearly had a plan for that spectrum:,2817,2328383,00.asp

HSBC denied that it was considering switching from their Blackberries to the iPhone:

Online newspaper reading declined *significantly* over the past year:

Study of Americans shows that the decline of readership for newspapers and viewers of TV news broadcasts is expected to get much, much worse:

Lori found this cute Lego version of the Olympics!


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