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August 21, 2008

LOTD for August 21

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Texas A&M researchers claim that they have found a way to cheaply convert everyday waste directly into 95-octane gasoline. If they are correct that they can do this conversion of billions of gallons of gas for under $2 per gallon, this could be a HUGE benefit to our economy and environment. Instead of having our landfills get more and more filled, they could be turned into profit-generating gasoline!
Article link

Google is now the largest funder of the enhanced geothermal research in our country, more than even our government. Geothermal energy (tapping the Earth’s heat to generate electricity) emits no air pollution and can generate 2000 times the total electricity that our country uses!

Intel announced that it was increased the efficiency of wireless recharging of devices, with efficiency up to 75% now. They are first going to design a system that can automatically recharge a laptop without wires:
NY Times article

Apple was hit with a class action lawsuit due to their 3G iPhone connection problems:

Pretty amazing to me that a lot of Universities are now giving FREE iPhones and iPod Touch devices to their students!

The US and Poland signed a deal to put a missile defense system 115 miles from Russia’s border;

Analysis about how the missile defense systems proposed for Poland and the Czech Republic will mainly serve to irritate Russia. The analysis points out that the missile defense systems won’t actually protect against a missile attack by any country other than Russia, and that Russia can easily get around the missile defense systems:

More on the difficult situation in Afghanistan. It is very interesting that a former US-trained Afghan Warlord is now working with the Taliban against to NATO forces…no wonder their tactics have been more complex lately:

This guy is really upset that Dell tried to trademark the term “cloud computing”:

Three new Blackberries are hitting the market:

American Airlines launched in-flight WiFi service for flights from NY to LA, SF, and Miami:;_ylt=AvQmRlaq1z53oWGmYgHVGoIjtBAF

Microsoft is apparently paying Seinfeld $10 mil per year to get him to try to make them “cool”:

These newlyweds were tasered by police at their wedding reception AND 2 nights later during another disturbance. They spent their first night as a married couple with strangers in different holding cells 50 feet apart from each other:,CST-NWS-wed18.article

This woman sat on her boyfriend’s toilet for TWO YEARS! Her skin actually grew around the seat! Her boyfriend finally called the police, but authorities are wondering why he waited for 2 years:


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