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August 22, 2008

LOTD for August 22

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Reminder to anyone who plans to attend MILCOM that they need to register by 8/28 to get the cheaper price. I’m happy to say that I will be presenting a paper at the conference:

I cannot believe that the Mexican peppers that pose salmonella risk are STILL being sold in the US! They just dropped the price so that it was cheaper than the no-salmonella peppers, so small grocery stores and restaurants are buying the cheap peppers. Some test for salmonella after buying the peppers, others do not:

Amazing that the highest kidnapping rate in the world is in Mexico, not Iraq or Columbia. Rich and middle-class Mexicans are kidnapped for ransom money, but some (even minors) are killed by the kidnappers. Mexicans are now getting tiny radio transmitters implanted under their skin so that they can be rescued quickly if they are kidnapped:

The US paid the Sunni “Awakening” groups to help with security in Sunni-dominated areas in Iraq, as the Awakening groups are credited for reduced casualties for US troops. However, the Shiite-dominated Iraqi government is apparently rounding up and arresting the Awakening groups now, against the wishes of our military. The Sunnis are feeling betrayed since we used them to fight against Al Qaeda and now they are being thrown into jail because the Shiites are worried about the training and organization they had in the fight against Al Qaeda. Some are actually being arrested by the Iraqi government while they are on the payroll of the US!

Our Coast Guard is not doing that well in the race to claim the Arctic. I hope that the new President provides the funds and resources needed to claim what the US deserves!

The Marine Corps is issuing new body armor that is smaller and lighter:

Recently declassified documents show that the PR push for the Iraq invasion came before the US even did their intelligence analysis of Iraq:

Researchers found out that New York has a much greater risk of earthquakes than previously assumed. Scarily, two (previously unknown) active fault lines were discovered to intersect right under a new nuclear power plant near New York!

NSF gave the Air Force Academy $285k to study wave energy:

They are paying actors in Poland to stand in line outside of stores to hype interest in the 3G iPhone:

University of Washington researchers have developed software that allows deaf people to use sign language with cell phones!

I think that it is great that the tiny nation of Niue gave laptops to ALL of its children yesterday! They got a donation of 500 laptops and their nation only has 1,500 people!;_ylt=AufTtE2QyeY9HUDIATvG7c4jtBAF

Alaska Airlines is using satellites instead of Aircell for their in-flight WiFi service:

Verizon and Google are close to signing a mobile search deal:

Amazing that the glaziers during midievel times used nanotechnology (well before that name existed!) for their stained glass windows. Also amazing that those stained glass windows served as air purifiers!
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Man used a Barbie fishing rod to catch a 21 pound catfish! The fish was 2 inches longer than the fishing rod and he only used a 6-pound test line!

It is hard for me to believe that McCain did not know how many houses he owns! However, Obama is quite wealthy himself so I don’t think this issue will stick around too long:

Oil speculators really have a huge power over the prices we pay…and so much of oil now is being controlled by speculators!,0,3654822.story?track=rss

For Lori–Jessica Simpson sure went off on Carrie Underwood!


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