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August 23, 2008

LOTD for August 23

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Desalination plant gets key OK for site near San Diego (thank you Ben for the link!). This will be the largest desalination plant in the Western Hemisphere and will provide 10% of the water that San Diego needs:

I think that it is silly how Obama and McCain are arguing over who is the wealthier candidate and they are both trying to say that the other is out of touch with “regular” Americans. I do agree with this article that Americans don’t seem to mind rich politicians but they DO mind if the politicians seem out of touch. And McCain saying that it takes $5 mil per year for someone to be considered rich really blows my mind! The funny thing is that by his standard the Obamas are “middle-class” ($4.2 mil last year) and the McCains are “rich” ($6.4 mil last year, over $100 mil net worth). To me, this was a bigger misstep for McCain than not knowing how many houses he owns:

Some Wal-Mart employees are complaining how Wal-Mart is making a big nationwide push for their managers and supervisors to vote Republican, with the discussions being held during mandatory meetings. Telling employees who to vote for would be illegal…so instead, they are telling their employees *not* to vote for Obama because that would be bad for their company. Wal-Mart is the biggest private employer in the US, so this is a major nationwide factor in the upcoming elections:

The bill to ban driving with a pet in a driver’s lap advanced in the California Legislature:

Analyst says that the computer mouse will be obsolete in 3-5 years:

Interesting that money actually *reduces* the motivation for people to do things! This study showed that college students (who normally would be extra-motivated for money!) actually were less motivated to solve puzzles when they were given cash rewards for each puzzle solved, and the students who were NOT given money actually solved more puzzles!

Interesting how the Malaysian tree shrew basically lives on an alcoholic nectar (the equivalent of 9 beers per day for a human!) and never gets drunk. It is also funny how the different articles I’ve read customize the alcohol analogy based on their audience–NPR mentions this is the equivalent of 9 glasses of wine per day, other sites mentions it is the equivalent of 9 beers per day:

Interesting that Indonesian orangutans actually make and apply natural ointments to soothe pain. Self-medication is a pretty advanced behavior!
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Eating tofu and other soy-based foods can cut a man’s sperm count in half! Eating just a single serving of tofu or just a cup of miso soup is enough to cut the sperm count in half!

Pretty cool that this inventor has actually made a jet pack that lifted his teenage son about 3 feet off the ground and kept him in the air for 45 seconds, far longer than other jet packs. His jet pack is supposed to be able to have people fly much higher off the ground for 30 miles at 60 mph. He plans to sell them for $100k each and if it actually works and if it gets in some popular movie (like a James Bond movie), then I think it will sell quite well to the wealthy:


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