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August 25, 2008

LOTD for August 25

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Russia is full-scale *inflatable* versions of its tanks and weapons systems:

Solar-powered UAV flew for 3.5 straight days in a recent test:

Professor in Japan claims that North Korea’s Kim Jong Il died in 2003 and has been replaced by a lookalike:

Qualcomm achieved a 20+ Mbps data rate in a 5 MHz channel via HSPA+. This would double the data rate and triple the voice capacity of current HSPA networks:

Clearwire shareholders are getting $1.62 bil in stock in the new Clearwire:

Obama’s campaign wasn’t able to get the text messages about the VP choice out to their supporters as quickly as they had planned:;_ylt=Ah9dzPYC4P1XWh1FVWd5oxwjtBAF

This TSA inspector caused a TON of delays because of the way he pulled himself up to 7 American Airlines planes:

Analysts say that Amazon’s Kindle is selling better than expected and compare it to the iPod. Great news for Amazon and great news for the electronic book industry! $1 bil in sales for Kindle products in 2010…that is pretty impressive growth!

Here are the College rankings from US News & World Report:

Halloween generate $5 bil per year in sales! Hard to imagine that people were found to actually shop for Halloween stuff in July and when one store didn’t have their Halloween stuff out yet they went to buy their stuff from another Halloween store…are people in that much of a hurry to buy Halloween stuff?

This site summarizes all of the rumors about the changes for the 2009 Prius. It would be really, really sad if the major Prius changes were delayed for a year or more because we were hoping to get the next-gen Prius! I really liked the report about the 2009 Prius having solar panels in its roof…too bad that the next-gen Prius might be delayed:

This report seems to indicate that the next-gen Prius was getting a lot of its fuel-economy boost from its Lithium batery…but it seems like the Litium batteries are delayed so the next-gen Prius is delayed. Toyota already announced a 60% increase in Prius production for 2009, which seems to indicate that they will have somethings different in the 2009 Prius to get sales to be that much higher than 2008:

Interesting that Honda’s new hybrid for 2009 will be a 5-door passenger sedan (Prius size) and priced just $1900 more than regular gas-powered cars:

Interesting article about Honda’s hybrid plans:

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