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August 26, 2008

LOTD for August 26

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Plot to kill Obama during his acceptance speech was foiled–they had high-powered rifles and everything else with them and instead of denying it one of the suspects said that “blacks don’t belong in political office”:

Swiss engineers smuggled nuclear technology to Iran and Libya? I wonder how widely this information has spread…and how much more dangerous the world is because of it:

Carnegie Mellon researchers created low-cost system to prevent eavesdroppers, preventing the “man-in-the-middle” attack:

Researchers appear to have broken through the limits set by “Overton’s Rule”, a 100+ year-old rule of pharmacology. This could be a big breakthrough that affects the development and testing of new drugs:
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The demand for nuclear engineers is increasing significantly, with the increase in nuclear power plants and the expected 20,000 veteran nuclear engineers expected to retire by 2012:

Wind farms are apparently a big problem for bats, not as big of a problem for birds. The problem isn’t that the bats are running into the rotating turbines, the problem is that the low air pressure zones put so much pressure on the lungs of bats that it can kill them:

It is sad that half of the food made worldwide is wasted, and the water used to grow that wasted food is a major contributor to global water shortages:

The California drought has resulted in some counties suing the state for better water rights:

WiMAX is doing well in India and projections have WiMAX getting 20% market share by 2012!

AT&T added international data plans for iPhone users who travel to 67 other countries. The cheapest plan is $120 per month in addition to whatever they currently pay for their iPhone usage:

Survey of 3G iPhone users found that the data speed problems have more to do with cellular network overload than problems with the phone itself:

Nielsen estimates that 2.9 million Americans got the text message over the weekend announcing Obama’s VP choice:

Jessica Simpson will apparently be the decorator for Tony Romo’s new home. I’m actually not including this due to Simpson or Romo–I’m including this because I’m amazed at how cheap real estate is in Dallas! Romo bought a home in an exclusive gated community that has a golf course, the home is 5,551 square feet with 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 half-bathrooms, a game room, pool, and spa…for under $700k! His house cost less than my house! That is crazy!

This Florida woman was arrested after her TENTH DUI arrest. TEN DUIs!


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