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August 27, 2008

LOTD for August 27

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Lockheed’s Navy patrol plane bid was $5.2 BILLION *less* than Northrop’s bid…but Lockheed LOST anyway due to past problems with Lockheed’s subcontractor, General Atomics. Wow, when your competitor bids $5.2 billion more than you and still wins, it shows that your customer was not happy with your performance!

After the long appeal process to get the previous tanker decision overturned, Boeing says that it won’t even bid in the new competition unless it gets more time to make its bid:

The UN found that a US airstrike killed 90 civilians in Afghanistan…60 children and 19 women were among those killed. This is NOT the way for the US to get the Afghanistan people to choose NATO over the Taliban:
Article link

Looks like the Taliban are winning in the battle over their former capital city. How could the Afghanistan government have just 10 guards to protect a prison with 1,400 inmates, including 350 Taliban prisoners who were freed?

It looks like a MAJOR factor in the reduction in violence in Iraq was that our military convinced the Sunni group Sons of Iraq to help the US fight Al Qaeda. We and the Iraqi government promised the Sons of Iraq that they would be hired into the Iraqi security forces when Al Qaeda was defeated. Now, it appears that the Iraqi government has decided to basically wage war against that Sunni group, breaking the promises made and creating 100,000 unhappy, armed Sons of Iraq. This could be a mess!,0,4646204.story

It is pretty cool that Wii Sports and Guitar Hero are giving big boosts to the rehab of injured vets. Doctors at Walter Reed Hospital have found that the Wii distracts patients from their fears and their body’s resistance to movement by getting the patient to focus on the game:

Looks like Northrop is having big problems with the ships coming from their Gulf Coast shipyards…and consequently our Marines do not have their new amphibious transport ship:

Iran hyped it new submarine. If their claims are true (Iran’s government has exaggerated their military’s capabilities before), then this would give Iran the power over the world’s energy markets:

Scientists transformed one type of cell into another in living mice, a big step towards the goal of growing replacement tissues to treat a variety of diseases:

The Bay Area’s FasTrak system apparently can be hacked–not only could this mean lost revenue, but it could provide criminals with false alibis:

The Internet’s biggest security hole (at least so far) has been revealed:

Earthquake zone off of the Oregon coast is more active than the San Andreas fault!

Medical identity theft is increasing:

A PhD student in Australia won the contest that asked for people to come up with ways to protect the Earth from a collision with an asteroid:

Verizon and LG were sued over their visual voicemail offering. With this inventor already suing and getting settlements and licensing agreements from AT&T, Apple, and Vonage, I think it is clear that Verizon and LG are going to be paying this guy soon:

Looks like the iPhones are NOT very secure about the way they store private information. iPhone information that is supposed to be protected by a password can be accessed with a couple of button presses! Apple was surprised to hear about this bug. The suggestion to avoid storing stuff in favorite entries probably will not be a popular one:

Another article link

Apple was censured for their false advertising in UK iPhone Ads:

SiRF filed a patent lawsuit against GPS competitor Global Locate. Broadcom bought Global Locate and countersued SiRF. Broadcom must have some excellent lawyers (see: Qualcomm victories), as not only did they beat back SiRF’s lawsuit but they seem to have succeeded in getting a ban on the import of devices with SiRF’s GPS chips! That is a huge victory for Broadcom and is a BIG problem for a lot of consumer products that planned to have GPS-enabled devices:

OJ’s daughter apparently beat him up and then called the police because she felt bad about it:


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