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August 28, 2008

LOTD for August 28

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As we reduce our troop count in Iraq, we are increasing our spending on private contractors there. We are expected to spend more than $1.2 bil on contractors this year!

One problem with the private contractors is that they seem to get into a lot more trouble than our troops, causing PR and other problems. Halliburton and one of their partners were just sued for engaging in human trafficking!

Another private contractor used is MVM, which just lost a $1 bil CIA contract because they didn’t have enough armed guards:

These writers propose an interesting way to punish Russia for the Georgia invasion and the other threats they have been making lately. They say that US and EU regulators should go after the business dealings of the Russian tycoons that have bankrolled Putin–that use of “soft power” will cause Russia’s ruling elites to demand changes from their government:

Looks like Georgia has no Navy left–Russia destroyed the rest of their ships at the pier and took back with them whatever they could:

Sad (but not surprising, this type of thing has gone on for centuries) to read about the looting that Russian soldiers did in Georgia. Taking the inventory of a storage area that contained used underwear and old socks seems kind of over-the-top to me, though:

Military housing in Kentucky will use solar and geothermal energy to create “zero-energy” homes:

Pretty amazing to me that Toyota could soon be shipping its cars from Japan to the US on a solar-powered ship!

The laptops on the International Space Station have been infected with a virus:

The IEEE completed 802.11r, the standard for roaming between 802.11 APs:

Article about what we can learn from France, probably the top place for open source development in the world:

Article about the rise of community Linux outside of North America, where community versions of Linux are replacing the popular commercial distributions:

Taiwan arrested a a hacker group that stole private information about 50 million people…including their police chief and current and former Presidents!

The FBI arrested the blogger who nine unreleased tracks from the new Guns n’ Roses album–he is charged with 9 counts of Copyright violations that could give him 3-6 years in prison for each count:

The Sydney orchestra mimed their entire opening ceremony performance at the 2000 Olympic Games!
Article link

Bloomberg accidentally posted an obituary of Steve Jobs!

CBS made over CNET this week, giving the first look at the property they paid $1.8 bil for:

Nearly 1,000-pound woman is charged with beating her nephew to death, but her defense is that her limited movement would prevent her from doing what she is accused of:


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