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August 29, 2008

LOTD for August 29

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The predictions I had seen had NOT listed Alaska’s governor as one of the top candidates for McCain, so this is a surprise to me! Palin could appeal to Hilary’s female supporters and has the strong conservative record that McCain lacks to appeal to the conservative Republican core. History will be made no matter who wins the election, we will have either the first African-American President or the first woman VP:

M/A-COM’s public safety radios for New York have NOT been performing well. After *3* rounds of testing have failed, the NY comptroller says that NY should cancel not proceed with the $2 bil contract with M/A-COM. M/A-COM would be out the $50 mil+ they have already spent on the program since NY doesn’t have to pay anything if they aren’t satisfied with the Phase 1 network:

Hackers have been attacking Iraq’s vulnerable computer system. Iraq’s entire cybercrime division has just one computer! How do they protect their government’s computer systems when they have just 1 laptop? This is a huge moneymaking area for terrorists already, but with Iraq increasingly sharing government information online they need to protect the information!

It is interesting how the Missile Defense Agency has to convince some people (American public, Congress) that the missile defense work is doing well, and has to convince others (especially Russia) that it doesn’t work that well:

The DoD turned to the experts in protecting people from head injury–the makers of NFL equipment:

Sony’s CEO hints that they might end the Sony Ericsson venture, that they might never make back the $3 bil they spent developing the PS3, that the Wii has a better business model, among other interesting tidbits:

Yahoo is shutting down its social networking site Yahoo Mash:

Qualcomm was found to have infringed on Broadcom patents again:

The iPhone is making some headway into the Enterprise, but RIM is still dominant:

2/3 of Abilene Christian’s incoming freshmen will get free 3G iPhones…I feel bad for the other 1/3!

Google takes on Apple’s App Store with the Android Marketplace:

This sheriff sentenced himself to a week in jail!

A slice of Princess Diana’s 27-year-old wedding cake just sold for $1,830!


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