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September 2, 2008

LOTD for September 2

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Google launched its Chrome browser today–I’m planning to stick with Firefox 3 and then decide based on the reviews if I want to download Chrome:;_ylt=At8t_SJQ2sZGHeEu4pBduYuKfD8C

First review of Google Chrome–it is MUCH faster than Firefox and both are significantly faster than IE.

Google just announced the winners of their Android Developer Contest. There are some really cool applications shows here! Applications to call a cab no matter where you are in the world (even if you don’t know where you are!), to scan a barcode and compare with prices at other local stores (Google Maps and GPS really helps here), translating lyrics for songs, etc.:
Slideshow of winners

Nice photos of the HTC Dream, the Android-based phone that will be released soon:

No wonder that France’s iPhone users were complaining about data rates–their carrier (Orange) just admitted that 3G iPhone data rates were capped at 384kbps! That is really sad when they were selling the 3G iPhone for their 3G network:;_ylt=AvxSAEuBhOpW_G19f8lEOcIjtBAF

Critic says that the iPhone security problem is because Apple values functionality over security:

Microsoft is about to unveil Skymarket, their Windows Mobile App store to compete with Apple’s App store for the iPhone:

Microsoft has been testing “Vi-Fi”, WiFi use in vehicles with a system for handoff. Vi-Fi and VoIP phones could be a big problem for cellular carriers!

Boston, Philly, and Dallas will be Xohm’s next WiMAX markets after DC, Baltimore, and Chicago are done:

China Mobile is the world’s largest cellular carrier, but the Chinese government has forced them to use TD-SCDMA as their 3G standard. This has been very expensive ($2 bil spent on trials since April) and is a big problem for China Mobile because TD-SCDMA is still not ready for commercial use while the other cellular carriers can use WCDMA or CDMA2000 that *are* widely used commercially already:

It is great that netbooks in Europe and Japan are being bundled for people signing 24-month cellular contracts…but I wish those deals would come to the US!

It really appears to me that the McCain campaign valued secrecy over a thorough vetting process…and I wonder how they feel now with all of the criticism over the process:

Interesting to me that Gov. Palin’s husband twice joined the party in Alaska that wants to seceed from the US…I didn’t realize that there was a significant party in Alaska that wanted that!

Infoworld has some interesting info on Gov. Palin’s hacking history and other background info:

Interesting that McCain’s ads in the Olympics seems to have been better received by the public than Obama’s ads. McCain’s negative Obama ad with Paris and Britney was his most effective ad for recall, but also seems to have turned more people off McCain than Obama. So, that one ad succeeded in bringing down both candidates!

Scientists now believe that the earthquake hazard maps for China now need to be revised:

Pretty cool that these 6-D holograms respond to changes in light and in the viewer’s direction:

It is sad that Bell Labs will no longer do the fundamental physics and semiconductor research that they have made so many breakthroughs on in the past:

Northrop says that they will have weapons-grade lasers by the end of this year:

Pretty cool how Stanford created “autonomous” helicopters that learned to fly by watching real helicopters fly:

The US intelligence community is NOT happy about how they train spies who are then hired away by private contractors at MUCH higher salaries…the government’s spying budget is being stretched thin because the contractors charge the government far more for than what it costs for government employees:

Russia was able to use old tanks effectively in Georgia because their sheer numbers overwhelmed Georgia’s defenses:

Another article about the Iraqi government taking over the “Sons of Iraq” and created a lot of upset Sunnis:

This Florida man tried to shoplift by putting 7 pairs of tennis shoes in his pants! He then ran out of the store and was chased down:


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